Warren County GA Archives Wills…..Edmund Cody August 15 1831


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Source:  WarrenCo,Ga  1798-1852 admr est/wills

Written: August 15 1831

Recorded: March 9 1832

The Last Will & Testament of Edmund Cody Deceas’d

Georgia, Warren County} In the name of God Amen. I Edmund Cody of the county

aforesaid Do make & Ordain this my Last Will & Testament in manner & form

following: To God I commend my soul & my body to the Earth in decent Buried.

And as it respects my Earthly estate I wish first that all my just debts be

paid and

Second} It is my will & pleasure that all my estate both real and personal,

that I shou’d die in possession of be sold on a credit of twelve months the

purchaser giving small notes with approv’d security that is two hundred &

seventy eight acres of Land where I now live and sixteen negroes (to wit)

James Susan Dicey Julia Rachel Vincent Alfred Aily Betty Cloe Ruby Dolly

Rebecca Martha Matilda and Tempy Together with my horses & stock of every

kind. One wagon & gig working utensils together with my House & Kitchen

furniture and increase if any and

Third} I give my Daughter Sarah Hardaway seven hundred dollars to be paid out

of my Estate in eighteen months from the sale.

4th} I give my Grandson Robert Cody fifty Dollars in cash to be paid out of my

estate in eighteen monts from the sale.

5th} I give to the children of my son James Cody deceased to be equally

divided share & share alike (to wit) Edmund Cody, Benjamin, Robert, Celia,

Elias, Christopher C., Katherine, Eliza, Lucretia and James Cody Seven hundred

dollars to be paid out of my estate and furthermore it is my will and pleasure

that my Executors pay off those my above named Grandchildren that has or may

arrive to the age of twenty one years their full parts or shares in eighteen

months from the sale and the minors if any their shares be kept in my

Executors Hands by their paying the interest and payed of as the arrive at

twenty one years and

Sixth} I give my Grandson Albert L. Cody five hundred Dollars to be paid out

of my estate and to bear interest in the hands of his guardian in eighteen

months from the sale, but provided he should die before he is twenty one years

of age the whole shall be made a part of my Estate and subject to distribution

between my Daughter Sarah Hardeway and my Son Barnett Cody and aforesaid Grand

children Sons and Daughters of James Cody deceas’d.

7th} It is my will & pleasure that the surplus of my estate be equally divided

share & share alike between by Daughter Sarah Hardaway and my Son Barnett Cody

and aforesaid Grand Children Sons & Daughters of James Cody Deceas’d.

I nominate constitute & appoint my Son Barnett Cody and G W Hardaway my

Executors of this my Last Will & Testament hereby revoking all other wills by

me made August 15th 1831

Edmund Cody (His mark)

Signed in presences of us: Peter Cody, James Higginbotham, Drury A. McCullers

Georgia Warren County} You Drury A McCullers Swear that you saw Edmund Cody

the Testator sign seal publish & devise the within Instrument of writing as

his Last Will & Testament and that at the time of his so doing he was of sound

mind & Disposing memory (in your opiinion) & that he did it freely without

compulsion and that you farther swear that you saw Peter Cody & James

Higginbotham Sigtn their names as witnesses also. So Help you God. Drury A


Test: T. Franklin Clk…..Order’d of record by the Court and Recorded 9th of

March 1832. T. Franklin Clerk C O W C