Seaborn CODY - 1867 Oath Book Warren County GAA few days ago, while researching Family Search GEORGIA probate records I discovered two individual CODY bills of sale – a boy Seaborn sold to Wm CASTLEBERRY (1833 by Rebecca CODY) and a woman Sarah, sold with her child by Edmund CODY to Jesse R. BEALL (1854), a Warren County overseer.

I wasn’t looking for Seaborn or Sarah, and don’t know their exact relationship to my CODYS — though I’m sure there is one. It just pained me to see them sold. I felt their names deserved to be called and plight recognized.

So I posted both bills of sale records along with information I could supplement them with.

Kristin CLEAGE and I shared one common wish, that both Seaborn and Sarah knew freedom.

For reasons I may never clearly understand, Seaborn is familiar to me. He was sold by Rebecca CODY, wife of Michael, mother of Madison and Jeptha. So he is connected to me in some manner.

There’s a Seab referenced in the C.C. CODY journal; a slave still on the plantation close to the end of the Civil War. It’s possible the family could have acquired Seaborn back at some point. They had ongoing dealings with CASTLEBERRY. Only time will tell.

Today I felt the urge to search Ancestry for a 30-40 year old free Seaborn in Warren County after Emancipation and was happy to find him among the 1867 Voting Registration records.

Though I know life after freedom was no easy journey for our Ancestors, I’m at least thankful he did [I believe] live to taste it.

Peace and ease Seaborn CODY.


Seaborn CODY - Return of Qualified Voters

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FOOTNOTE 1.26.14:

Searching for Elbert CODYS in the 1870 Warren Census I noticed a record for Seaborn CODY! His name had been misspelled “Seabon”, thus the reason I didn’t locate him earlier. Seaborn wants us to know he was indeed FREE! 1870 Warren County – Seaborn, wife Fannie, children – Saida, Hill, Harry, Jeff D., Sallie and Babe.

Seaborn CODY - 1870 Warren County Census