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Magical Monday! Lord, Have I Found Catie’s Sister, Allie?!

WarrenCoCensus_1870_ADawsonYou folks know the story – Catie {b. 1850} left her Sister Allie behind on a Warren Co. CODY plantation when she was brought to Washington-Wilkes by Rev. James Madison DICKEY in 1859.

Well tonight, I’ve located an Aly DAWSON {b. 1848} married to Elbert DAWSON, living with their children – Ike {6}, Sarah {4} & Rachel {3} in Hillmans Farm, Warren Co!

It gets BETTER! Marion M. Cody, the eldest son of Michael {Lori’s Ancestor!} & Rebecca ROGERS CODY are also living in Hillmans Farm at dwelling #964; Aly DAWSON is living at dwelling #971!

According to the 1915 book Cody-Rogers of Georgia by L.L. CODY, on page 14, Marion inherited his Grandfather James CODY’S property in 1850 & most of the CODY slaves were Family slaves, from inheritance.

In addition to Marion & Aly, a slew of former Michael CODY slaves are also living in Hillmans Farm, Warren Co! Reference the CODY Freedman cluster research I did here comparing the 1870 Warren Co. Census against slaves identified in Edmund & Michael CODYS wills!

Maybe our 22 yr. old Aly DAWSON & my Catie, are the descendants of the slave “Aily” identified in Edmund’s will? God, I wonder which others could be my Ancestors too?

Amazing that it’s taken me 12 yrs to find Allie/Aly/Aily!

I now know why — the digitized 1870 Census listed Aly DAWSON as male! Look, her sex is obscured on the original record, so I suppose, Ancestry guessed! However Aly was keeping house & had small children at home, which you can clearly see!

I don’t know where we go from here, but […]

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1832 Will of Edmund CODY, Warren Co.

Warren County GA Archives Wills…..Edmund Cody August 15 1831


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Betty McLarry and Norma  Heron September 8, 2003, 3:36 pm

Source:  WarrenCo,Ga  1798-1852 admr est/wills

Written: August 15 1831

Recorded: March 9 1832

The Last Will & Testament of Edmund Cody Deceas’d

Georgia, Warren County} In the name of God Amen. I Edmund Cody of the county

aforesaid Do make & Ordain this my Last Will & Testament in manner & form

following: To God I commend my soul & my body to the Earth in decent Buried.

And as it respects my Earthly estate I wish first that all my just debts be

paid and

Second} It is my will & pleasure that all my estate both real and personal,

that I shou’d die in possession of be sold on a credit of twelve months the

purchaser giving small notes with approv’d security that is two hundred &

seventy eight acres of Land where I now live and sixteen negroes (to wit)

James Susan Dicey Julia Rachel Vincent Alfred Aily Betty Cloe Ruby Dolly

Rebecca Martha Matilda and Tempy Together with my horses & stock of every

kind. One wagon & gig working utensils together with my House & Kitchen

furniture and increase if any and

Third} I give my Daughter Sarah Hardaway seven hundred dollars to be paid out

of my Estate in eighteen months from the sale.

4th} I give my Grandson Robert Cody fifty Dollars in cash to be paid out of my

estate in eighteen monts from the sale.

5th} I give to the children of my son James Cody deceased to be equally

divided share & share alike (to wit) Edmund Cody, Benjamin, Robert, Celia,

Elias, Christopher C., Katherine, Eliza, Lucretia and James Cody Seven hundred

dollars to be […]

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3 Parts = 1 Mystery: Who Was Catie’s CODY Owner?!

Pierce CODY Slave NarrativeOkay, here’s the skinny…

Since Lori, a descendant of Michael CODY of Warren Co. GA has come across OGR’s path, I am even more convinced that this year I will solve my #1 family mystery — who was Catie’s original CODY owner in Warren Co?

Now, although Lori & I had both ruled brothers Michael & Edmund out, due to their 1831 deaths, I think their wills bear witness that there could still be a Catie-connection because of how their estates were parsed out.

The approach? To post the wills of both CODYS & the questions each will raises.

My gut {or maybe it’s Catie!} tells me that I am on the right path… I just have to follow the clues. From the beginning, I’ve thought the answer was here, maybe now it’s time for it to be revealed?!

Fingers crossed!:-)

Edmund CODY. The line we’re following for now is Edmund’s Son – James {d. 1825 Warren Co.}. James had Sons – Edmond, Benjamin, Robert, Elias, Christopher, Albert & James. I want to rule-out Robert CODY first, before I look at the other sons. About the will:

  • Who was his estate sold to in 1832, along with 16 negroes – James, Susan, Dicey, Julia, Rachel, Vincent, Alfred, Aily, Betty, Cloe, Ruby, Dolly, Rebecca, Martha, Matilda, & Tempy? Both his land & slaves went to this person. It doesn’t appear that any of the slaves were willed to his children — just real money & revenue yielded from the sale.
  • I need to obtain the estate inventory, it will tell me more by identifying slave ages & purchaser. I […]
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1860 GA Annual Conference: Rev. James M. DICKEY


This image is from the December 11, 1860 Daily Federal Union Newspaper & was captured from the Milledgeville Historic Newspapers Online Database.

It shows Rev. James Madison DICKEY {Catie’s owner} receiving his 1860 Appointment to Wilkes County from the Georgia Annual Conference. Specifically, the “Wilkes and Colored Mission”.

My question to historians/experts, what does the notation “one to be supplied” reference?

What will be supplied? A slave? An indenture? A second minister?



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Wordless Wednesday: Harry Ester Jackson {1918-1960}

Harry Ester JACKSONHarry Ester Jackson {1918-1960} was my Mom’s Uncle – my Grandmother Fannie’s oldest Brother.

Anbownes {our name for Fannie} used to say that her Brother Harry was the best looking of his siblings and knew it!

My Mother says this picture doesn’t do him justice… she describes him as “Clark Gable fine” and says that when he entered a room, it lit UP! Always smiling, she says that she never saw him angry.

Mom says Uncle Harry would park his shiny Cadillac in front of my Great-Grandmother Annie’s house at 1401 Baymiller Street in Cincinnati & start walking.

When asked why, he would respond “Baby, they can’t track Uncle Harry’s footsteps!”.

She loved him enough to name her first born son {my oldest Brother} Harry, after him.


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Share What You Find, Share What You Seek!

Wilkes Co Inventory - J HuguleyYesterday while scanning Ancestry’s African American Collection, Slave Information Message Board, I noticed a post in regards to the transcribed Estate Inventory of John HUGULEY of Wilkes Co. The information had been posted by someone with the surname FAVOR.

Given that my 4th Paternal Grandmother was Annie FAVER CARTER, anytime I see the surname FAVER/FAVOR I perk-up but especially when it’s associated with Wilkes Co!

So I sent a message to the original poster inquiring about her surname & to my surprise, she responded back immediately!

With her permission, I’ve included her response below. In more ways than one it speaks to the importance of sharing both your & others Genealogical information within the research community.

Please take note of the information she is sharing as well — we never know where a connection might be found!:-)

Hi Luckie,

I have been to It gave me inspiration to continue this search. To answer your question, I don’t know. I have looked extensively at the John Faver family line in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. I have their entire descendant chart. I traced one branch from Alabama to Fannin County Texas but have not been able to make a link. My ancestor was Pomp Favors. Reported in 1880 census as born in Alabama. He died before 1890. He was freed at age 14 in Fannin County (family rumor not fact with maybe a brother George-rumor not fact). I have gotten as far back to his 1876 marriage but have found nothing on him beyond that. I have found George who shows up in […]

Thomas FAVER – Est. Appraisal 1859 Wilkes Co.

Thomas FAVER Estate - 1859 Wilkes County GA

I have always believed my 4th {Paternal} Grandmother Annie FAVER CARTER was owned by Thomas FAVER {d. 1859} and/or his Son, Lewis D. FAVER of Wilkes Co. {Note: a belief I have yet to be able to confirm!}

Thomas had only 2 “Annies” identified in his 1859 Estate Appraisal. One “Annie” age 1/4 {whose Mother appears to be “Hannah”} & one “Anna” age 1 {whose Mother appears to be “Emily”}.

Neither of these would be old enough to be my Annie FAVER, born about 1850.

I do see that Thomas “advanced” his kids 23 slaves {value: $16,575.00} over his lifetime & that at the time of the appraisal, 85 slaves {value: $57,600.00} were found in the possession of his Administrators – William CALLAWAY, James H. SPRATLIN & L. TURNER Jr.

So the entire “value” of human life was determined to be $74,175.00. For the record – YES, I am as bitter as I sound. Okay, moving on… whew!

After the value was determined it appears the FAVER slaves were divided into 7 Lots & disbursed between – Charles L. FAVOR, James D. FAVOR, William D. DALTON , William HOWARD,  Daniel WALKER, William W. FAVOR & Lewis D.  FAVOR. All previous advancements have been noted along with the newly acquired slaves.

Thomas’ widow, Nancy H. FAVER was identified as Lot A & received 13 slaves.

All of the FAVER slaves are identified by name & age.

Now… my questions:

  • If my Annie were owned by Thomas, his widow Nancy or children, she would most certainly be […]