Alright, before I dive into the core of this — what I am sure will be VERY controversial post — let me pen a Luckie Disclaimer:

  1. This post is not intended to address any specific person and/or medium — it’s an open address to the genealogy community as a whole.
  2. Please know, that it’s not my intention to offend you, although I accept that some folks may be offended by the subject matter and my willingness to openly discuss it.
  3. I welcome healthy dialogue and by healthy, I mean dialogue that is respectful that helps to bring understanding. If you are able to meet me there — please do.
  4. Yes, this post was preempted by the recent HerStoryan Super Bowl of Genealogy discussion and subsequent comments BUT not because of it. These feelings are far from new and I realize now, sooner or later, this post had to be written.
  5. I ask that you please think before your write — be you black, white, green or blue. NO matter of disrespect is permissible.
  6. I have come to accept that whenever I discuss a racially charged issue and/or socially *sensitive* subject matter, I immediately loose Twitter followers and blog supporters. I am 100% OK with that. I am true to me. I set the bar I’m tasked with living up to.

Okay, done.

Now admittedly, I was late coming into the conversation surrounding the formation of HerStoryan’s Genealogy Dream Team. I was away from my computer most of the day and only able to follow sporadically, long enough to know I’d been mentioned, and to see there were mixed reactions to her commentary.

Yes — the dialogue was open, flowing and healthy. Yes — […]