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FLASHBACK: Friend of Friends Friday: Giving You Roses ~ Thanks For Supporting CoAAG’s 1st Edition! {3.26.10}

As I have spent much of the morning tagging CoAAG Contributor blogs and moving content over to A Friend of Friends, for our handy-dandy AFoF Alerts, I am moved but what historic depth our First Edition CoAAG holds and blessed to have been a part of it!

It will literally take me a FEW more days to get all the AFoF Alerts posted, which speaks 100% to the mass contributions received that have achieved the unimaginable ~ a collaborative dialogue/exchange between descendants of slavery to heal history — in real time.

What we accomplished on Friday, March 19th is marked by our digital timestamp and will push the efforts of descendants researching slave ancestry ahead in leaps n’ bounds!

You GeneaBloggers amaze me and I am so proud to be a part of this community!

Giving you your roses Friends because I’ll be doggone if you haven’t earned them!:-)


FLASHBACK: A Friend of Friends {AFoF}: Repository of Slave Records & Related Information {3.21.10}

A Friend of FriendsIn the days following my Feb. 8 genea-community call to action, it became apparent that once the exchange of slave records and related information began, a community resource was needed to collect the data being shared and to facilitate its dissemination to the broader research community.

The decision to create a web portal to support the descendants exchange came easily, and after a brief brainstorming of possible names, so did the final naming convention — A Friend of Friends (AFoF).

Like many, I was inspired by the sentiments shared by Sandra Taliaferro’s A Friend of Friends: Lessons From The Underground Railroad blog post and after settling on the name, quickly enlisted the help of my friend San in the effort to get AFoF online!

In its simplest form, AFoF is a medium for Friends of Friends to share data and information with descendants researching slave ancestry, as we work to free our Ancestors memories and names from a lost and oft times buried, history.

In truth, African-American Ancestors for the most part, have not been fully emancipated yet. They will not be FREE until their names are known and their stories told.

AFoF is a community vehicle. It is very likely you will find information posted to AFoF appearing in the repository of LowCountry Africana, on the message boards of AfriGeneas or […]

FLASHBACK: 1st Edition ~ Carnival of African-American Genealogy: Restore My Name – Slave Records & Genealogy Research {3.18.10}

Hammond-Davies Slave Bible RecordsTimestamp this moment Friends because with the arrival of the 1st Edition ~ Carnival of African-American Genealogy: Restore My Name – Slave Records & Genealogy Research, we have made history!

Never before has an open dialogue and mass sharing of historic slave data between the descendants of slaves and slave owners occurred online, and quite honestly, I’d be surprised if exchanges such as this have transpired much offline either!:-)

On February 8, the genea-community began answering my charge to become a Friend of Friends to their fellow African-American researchers, by sharing oft times private slave data encountered through their own personal genealogy research.

Since then, I’ve been alerted daily via emails, blog posts and tweets to online resources that provide invaluable information pertaining to our enslaved Ancestors. Information that otherwise, may never have been discovered.

In addition to the Restore My Name submissions presented below, there have been at least 20-25 individual blog posts citing previously unpublished slave information! Simply AMAZING!:-)

So as the one who first sounded the alarm, let me also be the first to thank the genea-community for proving that we are in fact a true community of supporters to all who choose to join and a shining example that collectively we can rise above history’s most devastating blemish.

We have chosen to heal history, rather than hide from it.

I am proud of you. I am proud of US.

Restore My Name – Slave Records & Genealogy Research

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