I have much on my mind these days, but at the top of my list, summoning the strength to walk with my Mom through her journey of living with Alzheimer’s Disease.

I have to believe my Grandmothers — Allie, Catie, Marrie, Annie F., Annie C., Fannie, Lena, Ella, Laura, Hastey, Ann and Jane are looking over us… holding us up… praying us forward.

I have to believe we have our own Heavenly Cheering Squad that knows, better than I, that it will all be okay.

I can hear them saying, Geraldine will be alright… God has a plan!

So I turn often to Dianne Reeves, Grandma Tribute — Better Days for comfort. It gives me hope and makes me remember how sweet life was when I had the presence of my Grandmothers. There is nothing like a good one.

I share Better Days with you my friends today. Enjoy.