Photograph of baptismal service, Wilkes County, Georgia, 1913

re·birth rēˈbərTH,ˈrēˌbərTH/ noun noun: rebirth; noun: re-birth
1. the process of being reincarnated or born again. “the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth”

No matter where our spiritual journey carries us through life, there are few who don’t remember with deep reverence the fundamental role The Church held in our community and family when growing up.

There was time when The Church was THE cornerstone of our community. The Church was our anchor.

Our Ancestors found sanctuary and solace behind its doors. They found community beside them on pews and redemption in the pulpit. They communed with family and sought Divine Intervention for the strength to see another day.

As we revive the Carnival of African American Genealogy for a 5th Edition and welcome into the fold a host of new African American genealogy bloggers, in our own way we’re experiencing a Rebirth of the spirit that prompted CoAAG’s creation in March 2010.

We encourage you to join the celebration, sharing your family and Ancestor(s) stories of spiritual rebirth, redemption and reawakening with the online African American genealogy community.

For many of our Ancestors their 1865 emancipation was their rebirth. For others it was Baptism and the acceptance of a Christ-filled life. And still for others it was a special hymn or select scripture that awakened their soul.

I think of the sweet, carefree days when my Uncle Jake (Ronald JACKSON Sr.) preached his sermons from the pulpit of