Her Name Is Susan

I do not know Susan — meaning to my knowledge she is not connected to my family line. I can’t really tell you how I happened upon the aged bill of sale transferring ownership of Susan from the estate of Cecilia COMPTON to William WOOTEN or why Susan’s plight tugged my heart tonight.

It’s late and out of frustration I’ve closed my new reference book — Warren County Georgia 1793-1900 Genealogy II (Crumpton) — for the night.

Frustrated because I’m honestly questioning if in a book of some 822 pages, there will be any thing found to help me better understand the lives of my CODY Ancestors. Will the book reveal how Rachael, my 5th Grandmother born about 1780, came to be owned by Edmund CODY? Did she arrive from an unknown region in Africa, by way of an unknown boat to an unknown port to be sold? Or did Edmund acquire her through one of the MANY legal dealings I barely understand but have evidence of in Crumpton’s book?

Is 1780 early enough to connect my line to Africa OR will I need to identify a 6th Great Grandparent, and if so — just how the hell will I do that?

I’ve wanted this book for MANY years and expected to really enjoy it. But I’m not. Glossing over the NAMED Slaves in search of my CODY relatives leaves me feeling a tinge of guilt. As if I too […]