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And It Began With A Simple Tweet. Final Thoughts on Kicking Up The Past

140 characters —  a tweet — ignited quite an exchange between myself and the champions of the new KickStarter initiative, Kicking Up The Past (KUTP) this week. If you’re reading this post though, that’s not news to you is it? So I’ll spare you the historical recap — there are 2 posts (KUTP Exchange I & Exchange II) that capture the dialogue vividly.

For the sake of argument and to add context to the thoughts that follow, I will share the culprit — my infamous tweet:

@KicknUp_thePast will subject of Slavery be explored via your #KICKSTARTER documentary? #genealogy

The FACTS. Has the exchange between KUTP and myself been uglier and more public than I’d hoped? YES. Do I hate white people OR their genealogy TV projects? NO and NO. Go shake my family tree — present and/or past. You’ll find the leaves quite colorful, diverse, loving and accepting. And being a historian who’s advocated for TV programming reflective of us (vested, die-hard genealogists and family researchers), I was stoked to learn of the Kicking Up The Past project and immediately began following their tweets!

Do I regret my public tweet (sent twice to KUTP) and/or posting the exchanges that followed to OGR. NO. Twitter is a real time, open social platform. That’s the beauty of it! If you’re talking to me (KUTP followed me too), then I have the right to talk back. If I don’t see information related to me in the conversation, […]

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REPLAY: 1st Edition ~ Carnival of African-American Genealogy: Restore My Name – Slave Records & Genealogy Research {3.18.10}

Hammond-Davies Slave Bible RecordsTimestamp this moment Friends because with the arrival of the 1st Edition ~ Carnival of African-American Genealogy: Restore My Name – Slave Records & Genealogy Research, we have made history!

Never before has an open dialogue and mass sharing of historic slave data between the descendants of slaves and slave owners occurred online, and quite honestly, I’d be surprised if exchanges such as this have transpired much offline either!:-)

On February 8, the genea-community began answering my charge to become a Friend of Friends to their fellow African-American researchers, by sharing oft times private slave data encountered through their own personal genealogy research.

Since then, I’ve been alerted daily via emails, blog posts and tweets to online resources that provide invaluable information pertaining to our enslaved Ancestors. Information that otherwise, may never have been discovered.

In addition to the Restore My Name submissions presented below, there have been at least 20-25 individual blog posts citing previously unpublished slave information! Simply AMAZING!:-)

So as the one who first sounded the alarm, let me also be the first to thank the genea-community for proving that we are in fact a true community of supporters to all who choose to join and a shining example that collectively we can rise above history’s most devastating blemish.

We have chosen to heal history, rather than hide from it.

I am proud of you. I am proud of US.

Restore My Name – Slave Records & Genealogy Research

Alane Roundtree presents CoAAG 1st […]

UNCUT & UNEDITED: 10/14 Kicking Up The Past. Speaks For Itself…

10.14.13 Kicking Up T Past response from K.J. Marks


Based on your consistent badging in the social media it appears to me that you are looking for attention to the point of extortion.

What exactly do you want from me? Your picture or profile featured on our site with a large look at me arrow? It fails me to understand how many answers you want to what was at its start was a faulty presumption of our guilt on your behalf.

How presumptuous of you to assume that everything that doesn’t explicitly say “oh and by the way this includes African American too” is excluding them? If it suits you to create an issue where there is NONE at all, you have accomplished your purpose.

In fact I take your public actions personally and consider them to be defamatory. The very implication that anything I or my partners would be associated with would be exclusionary, or bigoted. Sakes alive, I and several members of our team held fund-raisers at our house and campaigned as an active volunteers in 3 states for the Obama campaign, in both elections.

At this point I can only confront you for what you are, a social media bully. It is not fair what you are publishing without foundation about our project or its intent. I must ask you to stop the diatribe now and kindly focus on areas where there is real prejudice — there is none here I assure you you are barking up the wrong tree. I am prepared to call you out and expose you publicly for what your are if you continue this nonsense.

It is time for this […]

UNCUT & UNEDITED: My Exchange with Kicking Up The Past

183 reads of Whiteout In Mainstream America: Slave Ancestored Genealogy ~ Our Truth in Black & White. 17 emails and 9 inbox messages via Facebook asking for updates and offering support.

After a lively exchange with Kicking Up The Past and AAGSARFacebook via Twitter this afternoon, that’s what I arrived home to this evening.

I have no elevator version of my exchange with Kicking Up the Past to share tonight. Not adding my spin to our back and forth, because it would be laced with my own sarcasm and irritation at this point.

Below are our previous exchanges — verbatim. Read them as you will. Interpret them as you like.

The only personal commentary I’ll add — asking a question is neither an act of aggression or anger. Speaking the simple truth is not hatred or hostility.

As long as there’s a disparity in how the Enslaved Africans narrative is shared, displayed and/or acknowledged — my voice will be heard. And if there’s a question to be asked — I have  NO ISSUE asking it.

Accept it.

I’ve been online as a genealogist for 14 years and an advocate for civil, social and human rights for almost 30 years. That’s not changing anytime soon.



10.8.13 — Luckie’s follow-up email after multiple queries & direct message via Twitter


I’m Luckie Daniels the African-American genealogist who inquired via Twitter (@AAGSARFacebook) if and/or how Kicking Up The Past planned to include the African-American slave experience in the upcoming documentary/KickStarter project.

I’m unsure why an email communication is […]

FAVER + CARTER: Early Records of Georgia Volume 11, Wilkes County

Marriage License CARTER & FAVERI’ve yet to identify the slave owners of my other 3rd Great Grandparents of WILKES County — Philip CARTER and Annie FAVER.  They were married on February 18th 1869.

To make my search even more ‘interesting’, I’ve only found Philip and Annie together in one census — 1900. To date they’ve not surfaced in the 1870 census and in 1880 though Philip was counted and identified as married, Annie was not included in the household.

An accidental omission?  Maybe Annie was working and counted elsewhere?

Only time will tell!:)



FAVER – Page 224

FAVER, JOHN dec’d. Matthew Faver app. admr. Aug. 17, 1829. John Cheney, Sec. Writ of dower to the wid. Sarah Faver Jan. 6, 1830. 187 acres on Kettle creek, leaving 582 acres for the heirs. Mary (?) Faver app. gdn of Sanders and Henry Faver, Feb. 1, 1819, orphs of John Faver, dec’d. Allen J. Arnold and Daniel Carrington, Sec. Petition of John Faver to be app. gdn., and Thos. Faver chooses him gdn., no date.

FAVOR, THOMAS, Henry and Sanders W., Vs Matthew Favor and John Wynne, admrs. Their petition says that John Favor, Sr. father of petitioners died 1820, intestate leaving a wid, Mary Favor and besides the orators, the following children: Wm. Favor of Ala., Sarah Favor of Wilkes Co., married to Daniel Jackson who is dead without admr or excr., Matthew Favor of Wilkes Co., Reuben Favor of Monroe Co., John Favor, Jr. of Wilkes Co., since dec’d., also a dau Elizabeth who before the death of her father said John Favor, dec’d, married Nathan Echols, […]

ANCESTOR REVERENCE: WINGFIELD Negro Slaves [Names & Birth Dates]

Author: WINGFIELD Family – Washington, Wilkes, GA
Title: Papers, 1772-1907 (bulk 1772-1866)
Location: Duke University, Rubenstein Special Collections Library: 2nd 81:L (original acc.), 2nd 54:C (90-025)
Description: 5 items
History notes: Overseer & planters of Hanover Co., VA & after 1786, Wilkes Co., GA

Wingfield Negro Slaves – Names & Birth Dates:

Billy born January 1799
Lydda born July 1799
Patty born August 1799
Gordon born January 1800
Margery born March 1800
Aggy born October 1800
Louisa born May 1801
Washington born December 1801

Jefferson born May 18, 1807
Zack born December 25, 1807
Caroline born June 11, (?)
George born April 14, 1810
Gilbert born October 1811
Anna born May 14, 1812
Ben born October 11, 1814
Sue born November 1, 1815
Mary born December 30, 1816
Sarah born October 20, 1818
William born July 6, 1820
Harriet born November 12, 1820
Fillis Born November 28, 1780
Daniel born August 24, 1783
Thornton born April 24, 1785
Isham born September 1788
Mary born November 1788
Solomon born June 1789
James born November 8 1790
Edmund born September 1790

Jenny born January 1791
Cealy born April 8, 1791
Ely born July 31, 1792
Abraham born October 1, 1792
(?)emly born January 30, 1793
Davy born October 1794
Stephen born February 20, 1795
Judy born April 25, 1790
Manuel born April 1795
Nancy born November 25, 1790
Martha born January 23, 1797
Rhoada born April 5, 1797
Kizzy born May 8, 1797
Lucy born August 25, 1797
Lucinda born August 25, 1797

A list of Negros Ages –

David born October 1794
Manuel born April 1795
Martha born January 1797
Billy born January 1799
Tom born January 1803
Richard born May 1805
Thompson born July 1807
Barbary born July 1809
Mary born September 1811 (sold)
Washington September 1813
Bob born October 1813
Venus born September 1815 – departed this life in October 1830
Henry born 1815 or 1816
Harriett born February 1820
Joe born September 1824 -sold 1854(?)
David born May 1824
L(?)dan born June 1826
(?)icy born 1828
Nancy born […]

Whiteout In Mainstream America: Slave Ancestored Genealogy ~ Our Truth in Black & White

I’d convinced myself NOT to pen this post. Figure I have enough going on juggling the new AAGSAR Facebook Group, the kids, work madness and my new business venture that should have ALL my attention but has failed since my return to online genealogy in August.

Why ruffle voice matter or make a difference?!

I was content to go on via AAGSAR helping slave ancestored researchers hone their skills, integrate smart technology into their research and to embark on the journey of sharing their family data online.

Then I wandered over to The Root, and to the right of my screen spotted this — Whiteout in Mainstream America: From the Emmys to the Runways, Blacks Remain Ignored. Then I read this…

(The Root) — I don’t hate many things. I’m pretty good at keeping that emotion in check. But here’s a short list of things I hate:

1. Bigots
2. Misogynists
3. Terrorists, including American terrorists, here and abroad, and especially the ones who stand on street corners harassing women who pass by
4. The willfully ignorant

I can so identify! Hell, I’ll even add one to the list of things I hate — 5. Bullies.

NO way to ignore this post now. I’m back where I ALWAYS land — ADVOCACY.

I can live with ruffling feathers and being one of few voices willing to openly address the race matters that well — matter, and how the DEEP issues of race and […]

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30 August 2009: Clueless ~ The TALIAFERRO PROJECT

The TALIAFERRO Project, a community act of kindness to honor and preserve the family research efforts of our cousin, Sandra TALIAFERRO.

Myself along with other genealogy contributors will work to “repost” blog entries of San’s originally shared via her “I Never Knew My Father” genealogy blog (now offline).

Sandra didn’t leave behind children or family to inherit her research legacy. In every way, this body of work was her lifeline and that work is unfinished with open questions to answer.

The best homage we can pay Sandra, is the commitment and willingness to continue connecting the dots on her behalf.



By sjtaliaferro

Well, here I go; I am finally taking that leap into the world of genealogy blogs. I am Clueless. Over the past months I have come to see genealogy, African American Genealogy in particular, in a whole new light. Who knew all of you were out there, researching and blogging away…I was Clueless. But, I have been following many of you religiously over the past month or so with great interest and delight. Along with researching, reading genealogy blogs became a new favorite pastime. I have been inspired by your words, research techniques, knowledge, willingness to help others and, above all, your desire to tell the stories of your ancestors. Thanks to all of you who are out there sharing your journey. I want to say a special thanks to my “cousin” Luckie Daniels who unknowingly influenced my decision to take this next step in my research. I am totally addicted to your Our Georgia Roots!

Being the ultimate procrastinator I could […]

2013 Walk To #EndALZ: We Did It #4GERRIE, #4NAY & #4FAMILY

Wish I could find words to express what Saturday, October 5th meant to me — 2 months to the day of Mom’s passing. We did it #4GERRIE, #4NAY and #4FAMILY. Though the way forward for me is certainly with a broken heart, it’ll also be filled with lots of laughter and my beyond-crazy Family marching along beside me!


A Tale of 3 Muses Allum, Sandra & Denise: Daniels Is My Name…

Don Ameche DanielsI’d be lying if I said I didn’t know this day was coming. I didn’t know when, but I knew when it was time, the Ancestors would give me a sign.

As I say often and genuinely believe, my ability to follow the *whisper* of the Ancestors has been my saving grace in life. I’ll admit, I’m not always thrilled when they charge me to pick up their work, but I always pay attention to the signs and I always come.

GeneaMuse #1

It began with GeneaMuse #1, Allum Spence. What I’ve come to know, appreciate and fear is that EVERY time Allum Spence appears in my life, the Ancestors and something “big” are soon to follow!

In 2008 when I spotted the DANIELS surname on A’s Spence-Lowry family blog, it inspired a random GOOGLE search for intel on my “DANIELS COBB” paternal lineage.

As the Ancestors are NEVER short on surprises, I was lead to this 5 year old (yep it had been posted in 2003!) ANCESTRY post –