Pierce CODY Slave NarrativeOkay, here’s the skinny…

Since Lori, a descendant of Michael CODY of Warren Co. GA has come across OGR’s path, I am even more convinced that this year I will solve my #1 family mystery — who was Catie’s original CODY owner in Warren Co?

Now, although Lori & I had both ruled brothers Michael & Edmund out, due to their 1831 deaths, I think their wills bear witness that there could still be a Catie-connection because of how their estates were parsed out.

The approach? To post the wills of both CODYS & the questions each will raises.

My gut {or maybe it’s Catie!} tells me that I am on the right path… I just have to follow the clues. From the beginning, I’ve thought the answer was here, maybe now it’s time for it to be revealed?!

Fingers crossed!:-)

Edmund CODY. The line we’re following for now is Edmund’s Son – James {d. 1825 Warren Co.}. James had Sons – Edmond, Benjamin, Robert, Elias, Christopher, Albert & James. I want to rule-out Robert CODY first, before I look at the other sons. About the will:

  • Who was his estate sold to in 1832, along with 16 negroes – James, Susan, Dicey, Julia, Rachel, Vincent, Alfred, Aily, Betty, Cloe, Ruby, Dolly, Rebecca, Martha, Matilda, & Tempy? Both his land & slaves went to this person. It doesn’t appear that any of the slaves were willed to his children — just real money & revenue yielded from the sale.
  • I need to obtain the estate inventory, it will tell me more by identifying slave ages & purchaser. I will contact the Warren Co. Courthouse on Monday to see if a volunteer can pull it for me.
  • The slave “Aily” could be Catie’s sister “Allie” in that right now, we don’t know how old she is. Catie was born in abt. 1850, & Allie could have been an older Sister. Also important, this is the only Aily/Allie slave I’ve come across to date.
  • Curious, why Robert was called out apart from the other Grandchildren? Born abt. 1809, he would have been 23 yrs when Edmund passed — old enough to own a plantation.
  • The book reference mentioned by Lori in re: to Edmund & Cathy living on what’s called the “Bob Cody Place” leads me to believe Edmund’s land & slaves could have gone to Robert. Need to confirm this through deeds.
  • I see significance in Catie’s memory being of a “Master CODY”. For me this means we are looking for a CODY male descendant & not a son-in-law.
  • Robert was a deeply religious Hardshell Baptist & traveling missionaries frequented the property according to Pierce CODY, former slave. This slave narrative by Pierce is KEY – Robert had missionaries visiting the plantation, Rev. James Madison was a traveling missionary. Pierce describes a “colored church”; Rev. DICKEY Pastored “colored missions”.

Michael CODY. Lori descends from this line of CODYS — there were #3. Michael #1 died 1831. Michael #2 moved to Barbour Co. AL {spooky, that’s where my other *roots* are!:-} in 1847. Michael #3 was born & died in Alabama. While I don’t believe Michael #1 owned Catie, I still believe he could have owned some of my CODY Ancestors, so I want to follow where his slaves went too. About the will:

  • Michael willed what appears to be 1,335 acres of land to his Wife, Rebecca, along with 42 slaves – Armstead, George, Big Jack, Lewis, Jefferson, John, Rose, Anderson, Reddick, Daniell, Jerry, Elbert, Grace, Philly, Abram, Reuben, Stephen, Rosetta, Hannah, Richmond, Aggy, Eliza, Cynthia, Elias, Mary, Isham, Harry, Ailsey,

    Martha, Maria, Lavinia, Isabel, Anthony, Sarah, Henry, Bet, Bob, Little Jack, Garrison, Ellick, Emily, & Harrison John.

  • Michael has a slave “Ailsey“! I want to see his estate inventory too to determine her age!:-)
  • He specifically stipulated that the slaves & land were the ONLY parts of his estate not to be traded. Does that mean we should be able to trace the cluster {thanks Michael Hait!}?
  • He gave his Grandson James Madison Gray 1 Negro girl – Liller w/her increase.
  • He gave his Daughter Elizabeth 3 Negroes altogether — w/their increase Jane & Haste & a girl named Pats.
  • To note, Michael’s land was adjoined to George HARDAWAY {Edmund’s son-in-law & estate executor} & Edmund’s.

I definitely have my work cut out for me but I believe 100% the answer is right here!:-)

What did I miss?