Birthday Memories - Luckie, Jai & MomShe called me her “Rock of Gibraltar”. She loved my lack of tact, chuckled at my acid humor and applauded EVERY hurdle this teenage Mother conquered to create a life she was proud of. Gerrie was my Champion!:)

BRILLIANT in every sense of the word. Mom was relentless, nurturing; an Innovator before we knew what that word even meant. Gerrie commanded attention and though only 5’2 she sparkled in ANY crowd. Boy was she something special!:)

Born 7/6 and 7/7 we were “two peas in a pod”. On my first Mother’s Day without her, I truly know how invaluable Mom was to me, her baby girl.

I believe “Sometimes Grandma” is Mom’s gift to me and the kids. I think she knew in our effort to heal others, we too would find [much needed] healing and purpose.

Mom was the QUEEN of strategy and taking care of other people. Our Harmony St. Kids have her wrapped all around them!:)

So my gift to you Mama this Mother’s Day is to be…

  • Relentless in my work to see an end to Alzheimer’s Disease. No standing on the sideline. I’m chin-deep in this FIGHT!
  • Fearless in the face of the unknown and unplanned. Life catches us by surprise. I look FORWARD!
  • Tenacious in defining a life on MY TERMS; I call the shots and choose the roads my feet travel.
  • Brazenly, unbelievably HAPPY, HEALTHY and WHOLE as I figure out this new and unfamiliar world. I know you’re still walking with me… step by step, guiding my way.
  • Devoted to loving, supporting, encouraging and caring for as many souls as humanely possible. A life dedicated to service. I get it now Mama…
  • Tireless in flooding your Grands — those here and those to come — with memories, stories and tales of Gerrie. Your Children will ALWAYS know you.

Yes, my heart is heavy but my chin is up. My shoulders are square and I’m busy working on getting Sometimes Grandma in hand by our birthday!

I’m your ‘Rock of Gibraltar’. I know you expect NOTHING less.

I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.


P.S. Hug Bownes, Grandma Jackson and Grandma Barwick for me. You are home.