Elbert STRINGERNeedless to say, I probably should have documented our family Elberts long ago! Truth is, I’m really just now beginning to get a handle on them myself!:)

Cousin Elbert STRINGER (pictured left) is the reason we have Our Georgia Roots. His razor-sharp memory provided all the early “nuggets” that laid the foundation for what was to come. Elbert passed in 1999 and I miss him dearly. He was a sweet, sharp-as-a-tack, family loving man!:)

All our Elberts descend from the Warren County Georgia CODY and DORSEY family lines.

I believe my 4th Great Grandfather Elbert CODY I had children with two sisters – Ailey I (my 4th Great Grandmother) and Dicey (my 4th Great Aunt; Mother to Pierce CODY and siblings).

So in addition to Elbert CODY I having at least 1 son who was his namesake,  he also had several children and grandchildren gift him the same honor!

The result? Elberts many times over!:)

Below is my first attempt at making sense of the Tale of Many Elberts. Naming patterns is a gift to the descendant researcher of slave ancestry. The naming nuances shed light on family clusters and relationships in the absence of verifiable documentation.

I suspect this post will updated in the days ahead, given my Elbert names and family cluster details are always becoming clearer.

Elbert CODY:

  • Elbert CODY I – b. 1820 and identified in the 1832 estate and will of Michael CODY. 4th Great Grandfather. Father [with Ailey I] of Elbert II, Ailey and Catie. Father [with Dicey] of Pierce, Amanda, Jenny, Charlie, Ben, Missy, Gussie and Baby (unnamed in 1880). Farmhand living on John S. JOHNSON’S Farm in 1870 Census.
  • Elbert CODY (relationship unknown) – b. 1820. Married to Sarah with children Baker, Eliza and Maria in 1870 Warren County Census. Farmhand; living next door to Elizabeth JOHNSON (white)
  • Elbert CODY II – b. 1848. Son of Elbert CODY I and Ailey I. Wife Lula.
  • Elbert CODY III – b. 1894. WWI Veteran trained at Camp Gordon. Parents Elbert CODY II and Lula.
  • Elbert CODY IV (Newtown I) – b. 1844. Owned by Jeptha CODY and son of Rosetta (Newtown); Rosetta the sister of Elbert CODY I.
  • Elbert CODY V (Newtown II) – b. 1869. Parents Elbert CODY IV and Rena COOK CODY.

Elbert DORSEY:

  • Elbert DAWSON/DORSEY – b. 1837 married Ailey II daughter of Elbert CODY I and Ailey I. 1870 Warren County Census and Voter Registration lists Elbert as Elbert DAWSON. From 1880 forward his surname is DORSEY. To my knowledge Elbert DAWSON/DORSEY is no blood relation to the CODY line.



  • Elbert WINGFIELD – b. 1885. Son of James WINGFIELD and Catie [DICKEY] WINGFIELD-DORSEY, daughter of Elbert CODY I and Ailey I. Elbert WINGFIELD pictured (r) with cousin Harry HECTOR (l).



  • Elbert STRINGER I – b. 1920 – d. 1999.  Son of John STRINGER and Missy DORSEY, daughter of Joe DORSEY and Catie WINGFIELD-DORSEY. Wife Nettie BENTON (pictured). To my knowledge Joe DORSEY is no blood relation to Elbert DORSEY/DAWSON.
  • Elbert STRINGER II – living. Son of Elbert STRINGER I and Nettie BENTON.

And for the record, I LOVED me some Nettie STRINGER (b.1920 – d. 1986)! She gave me the nickname Kissa, because of constant need as a kid to kiss and hug my Mama! Mom spent lots of time with Nettie and Elbert as a girl and she always talked about how beautiful Nettie was. She was quite a character!:)

I’m awaiting CODY and related family bible records via Family Search. Must admit I’m curious and a bit scared of what the records could reveal. I might be back TOTALLY reworking my CODY *theories* soon!

A Tale of Many Elberts. Make more sense now?!:)