AAGSAR BLOGFEST 2014 ~ Go Hard OR Go Home


WHEN: Sunday, 5 January 2014

  • Our community BLOGFEST will be in high-gear from 9AM ET to 9PM ET.
  • Time investment? 1-2 hours collaborating on blog setups and as much time as you’re willing to gift to support our BLOGFEST! :)
  • Bloggers/Cheerleaders will provide 1:1 guidance, feedback and encouragement! NEW Bloggers you ultimately own your work ― roll-up those sleeves and be ready my friends!
  • When your family blog or website goes live, send Luckie the blog name and link. NEW KID ON THE BLOG announcements will be made every 3 hrs ― 12PM, 3PM, 6PM and 9PM.
  • What happens next? We CELEBRATE with you ― and your ANCESTORS!:)

WHY: Slave Ancestry Research Requires CSI Detective Skills + the Patience of Job!

AAGSAR was created to guide and support you in utilizing technology to enhance your research toolkit, NOT convince you of its value to your research in the 21st Century. To be clear ― we are a tech-centric, not tech-ONLY community.

Researching slave lineage requires a thorough understanding of traditional (archives, library, local courthouse, oral history, family records), non-traditional (smart technology, social media, search engine optimization) and emerging (DNA testing/analysis) research skills.

AAGSAR Community goals remain the same:

  1. Acquaint African American researchers with technology tools capable of advancing their genealogy research
  2. Foster core best practices and techniques to build skills unique to slave ancestry research
  3. Support researchers in bringing their family history online for broader community sharing and preservation.

If you’re an AAGSAR Member, you already know how our model works ― Each One, Teach One through collaboration, open [selfless] sharing and a vested interest in progress benefiting our community as a whole.

In 2014 our focus will shift 100% to research and skill development, because as of January 5th ALL members of the AAGSAR Tribe will be aligned with where we stand in respect to technology.

We need more than 12 AAGSAR Brick Slayers ― there should be 160 of us strong!:)

If you’re ready to take that step ― as always, we’ll walk hand-in-hand with you. If not, please respect the fundamentals of the forum and be willing to offer your virtual seat to other community members in need of our assistance.

I value and appreciate the love extended to me (The Principal) and the AAGSAR Community. We set a new bar when we came together in August to form a work-group collaborative focused 100% on Ancestor research.

37 NEW genealogy bloggers (58 total supported), countless COUSIN CONNECTIONS, research skill/knowledge mastery and acts of genealogical community kindness that leave me speechless, all make one thing CRYSTAL CLEAR ― our model works!

Now the responsibility to push forward and raise the bar higher is on us. AAGSAR’s 2014 BLOGFEST is a very BIG PUSH!

HOW: Prepare + Explore!

NEW bloggers use this time to prepare:


  • NEW Member Freeze. No NEW AAGSAR Members will be accepted until AFTER the January 5th BLOGFEST. Aside from the holidays, a lot of behind the scenes work to prepare for our New Year event is underway. Interested in joining AAGSAR? Great! Use the information provided to your benefit and join us on JANUARY 6th!:)
  • EXISTING Tribe Members. On January 6th any member name not mapped to an online family blog or website will be vacationed from the Tribe. Not that we don’t have mad love for you ― we do. However change and collective progress are upon us. Make the decision that works best for you ― and your ANCESTORS.
  • We ALL Benefit. We ALL Contribute. AAGSAR Genealogy Bloggers are asked to champion 2-3 NEW Genealogy Bloggers during the BLOGFEST event. This act of kindness is essential. How the exchange works is 100% on you ― by chat, phone, email ― your call. Your aok can be offered anytime between December 5 ― January 5 (details on how partners will be assigned are forthcoming).
  • Pre-BLOGFEST Community Chats. We’ll have time to address additional questions and comments before the BLOGFEST kicks-off on January 5. I’ll schedule 2 Community chats to discuss any and everything related to the BLOGFEST prior to our big day! Don’t worry ― we got you!:)

You know our Mantra ― #GOHARDorGOHOME

“Set your bar high. Don’t ever allow ANYONE to lower your bar.” ~ First Lady Michelle OBAMA