Elbert StringerI began researching our Georgia genealogy in 1997 and thanks to the very accurate memories of my dear cousin, Elbert Stringer, was able to piece together our family’s fragmented Washington-Wilkes roots.

Tracing Slave Ancestry is unique in that a great deal of it depends on oral history vs. formal documentation. Elbert’s sharing of my 4th Grandmother’s name “Catie Wingfield“, and her reflections of being on a CODY plantation in Warren County Georgia, were the keys that opened the door to everything else!

I’ve discovered and shared the stories of many Ancestors along the way. I’ve visited Warren County often, and even lived in our family hometown of Washington-Wilkes. I’ve coveted [and scanned] sacred family pictures, searched countless unmarked graves and welcomed a host of new cousins and genealogy friends throughout the years.

Digging for African family history is a labor of love. It’s always surprising and many times painful. Facing [and tolerating] history in respect to our Ancestors is serious work! And it’s very, VERY slow, requiring a detective’s lens and the patience of Job!:)

OurGeorgiaRoots.com remained online for 12 years, until in 2011 I took an extended hiatus from family research and shut the website portal down. I honestly never thought I’d have the desire to research or blog again, until the recent passing of my Mother, Geraldine Barwick said otherwise.

Am I striving to recreate the research portal OGR once was? Nope!

The work we do isn’t about rewards or accolades; its purpose is to honor our Ancestry and work to repair the legacies they were not entitled to.

What the new OGR will become and who’ll continue to tell their stories is really up to the Ancestors, and I fully believe, my Mama!:)

Please do take time to stroll through the website and should anything spark familiar, don’t hesitate to reach-out to me! Connecting and sharing information is the ONLY way we’ll be able to fully weave the fabric of our African-American family history!

Best of luck!:)

Luckie | Family Tree