Whenever I find myself frustrated by the lingering questions that remain about my Catie & her migration to Wilkes-County Georgia, I force myself to remember where I started – a woman with very little information & virtually no family support in the effort to dig-up a long forgotten history.

Before my cousin, Elbert Stringer, uttered her name – Grandma Catie, I never knew she existed. Nope, I did not know Catie, nor anything about the PHENOMENAL life she’d lived & the legacy of love she’d left behind.

How exciting were those early years when my research was like an unraveling adventure… when every day led to a new discovery & another piece of my family history being restored.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to know! The desire is never-ending!

I realize I have been blessed with my research. I am no longer fighting family battles to preserve our history. I’ve cataloged & accomplished a lot. The Great Aunts who once protested this work, now support it wholeheartedly & even regularly contribute content!:-)

I think (or hope) they find comfort in knowing that when they depart this life, all is not lost. Someone remains who is committed to sharing their stories & the stories of those who came [and left] before them.

When I think on this, I know I cannot allow myself to be dissuaded by pseudo-brick walls of information.

As long as there is a courthouse, archive, computer, internet, telephone, elder & living descendant anywhere, I’ll be plugging away with my questions!

I trust that James Dickey III will one day have that conversation with Mary Anne, and she will shed more light on how Catie was acquired by Minister Dickey in 1859-60. Who was the relative of Ann E. Thomas Evans that “gifted” Catie to Rev. Dickey?

I believe that somehow, someway, I will come to know what became of Catie’s Sister, Allie and the Cody relations left behind in Warren County, Georgia.

The eternal optimist, I even believe that though my James Wingfield was lynched in 1885, I’ll still have the opportunity to identify his brothers & their descendants. Maybe I’ll get a glimpse of what he could have looked like?!

Nevertheless, so long as questions remain, so will my work because I know, brick walls can be crumbled to pieces!