James Edward DICKEYI’m in the process of restoring all the archived Our Georgia Roots blog posts, online BEFORE I allowed the domain and hosting to lapse in 2011.

Clearly I’m shortsighted. I never really intended to research again when I walked away in August 2011, and felt [as I watched the domain and hosting fall away], I could live with my research surviving in archives (online) and in binders (with me).

I was wrong on all counts. When Mom passed on 8/5 the Ancestors called me back to the research. And I cannot willfully remove a decade long narrative of the WINGFIELD, CARTER, DORSEY, DICKEY and JACKSON Ancestors from the online genealogy landscape.

Cut and paste is my future until the [re]work is complete!:)

But there’s hope in my effort too. Hope old historical gaps will be filled. Hope the few remaining research hurdles will move aside. Hope in the more to come.

This brings me to the DICKEYS — 1999, 2002, 2009 (twice) and today. Encouraged by my AAGSAR Community and Linda of Between the Gate Posts, I’m reaching out yet again.

My request over the years remains unchanged. I want to know what Rev. James Madison DICKEY wrote in his personal journal and bible regarding his time with my 4th Grandmother Catie. So adding nothing, I repost — Acceptance: No Word From Dickey’s Descendants…

21 August 2009

Well it’s been 3 weeks since I emailed the living descendants of Rev. James Madison DICKEY in a final attempt to encourage them to share any information they have about the Minister’s ownership of my 4th Grandmother Catie DICKEY.

It’s been several years since I first made contact with James Madison’s Great, Great Grandson & I think it’s safe to say, if the intent were to share information about my Catie, more than enough time has passed to do so.

I will admit, I am very disappointed… hurt even. I don’t know how to quite describe the feeling of KNOWING information exists about your Ancestor yet not having the ability to unearth it. Frustrated? Hollow? Angry? Helpless?

Who knows what questions could be answered? What unknown family I could be lead to? Ugh!!!

One of the archived documents I copied during my recent visit to the Pitts Library at Emory was “One Hundred Years of History of Asbury Methodist Church in Augusta, Georgia”. It contains the only description {provided by Historian George G. Smith} I have ever read of the Rev. James Madison Dickey:

Up-country man whose mental endowments were unusually fine. He had been without early advantages, but he had improved greatly and was famous for the revivals which took place in his ministry.

Wow! I wish I could see a picture of the man who changed my Family’s history in 1859. His son, Bishop James Edward Dickey, is pictured above. It is his Great Grandson & namesake that I’ve communicated with over the years.

Accepting the reality of one closed door only encourages me to seek another… then another.

No way I’m giving up! I have no doubt that IF this is information Catie intends for me to have, it will come to me.

C’mon Grandma, I’m waiting…


Not continuing the effort to complete my Catie’s story… yet another reality I cannot live with. Thank you Linda for the nudge.

We must ALWAYS reach out.

With hope,