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Featured Ancestors:

  • Slider 1: Geraldine Barwick, Catie Wingfield Dorsey, Gerry & Sonny
  • Slider 2: Fannie Jackson Barwick, Fannie & Willie, William Barwick
  • Slider 3: Annie Carter Jackson, Ronald Jackson Sr., Charlotte Grevious Jackson
  • Slider 4: Harry Jackson, Fannie Jackson Elliott, Ronald Jackson Sr.
  • Slider 5: John & Missy Dorsey Stringer, Missy Dorsey Stringer, Johnnie Mae & Elbert Stringer
  • Slider 6: Harry Hector, Elbert Wingfield, Elbert Stringer, Nettie Benton Stringer
  • Slider 7: Ozzie Stringer, William & Ozzie, William Stringer