Spelman Seminary 1902

My Great Grandmother, Annie Carter Jackson {1898-1980} was truly one of a kind!

I adored her in EVERY way… from her penchant for hot tea with milk, to her old school tenderness, to her wry sense of humor.

Even today, at any given time, I can find myself reciting one of Grandma Jackson’s common sayings! My favorite – “A cow will need his tail to fan flies for more than one summer!” {translation: be careful who you wrong because you will need them again someday!}.

Aside from gardening, Grandma’s favorite pastime was sitting at the kitchen table & sharing her life stories!

During one sitting I recall her telling me about her exploits as a student of Atlanta’s Spelman Seminary {founded in 1881 & now the prestigious, Spelman College} – pictured above.

I can still see the grin spread across her face as she told me how when a teacher refused to excuse her to the restroom, she’d pulled up her dress & squatted right beside her desk! Yep, my Grandma peed right there on the floor folks!:-)

Tonight, when I take in the Atlanta Spelman Seminary collection from the NY Public Library, I can’t help but wonder if my Annie is among those girls sitting on the steps or is the teacher who refused her restroom relief pictured with the staff?

Hmmm… wonder if I can dig-up any old student enrollment rosters?! I tried many years ago to no avail but who knows? After all, this is the first time [after 12 years of research] I am seeing actual images of Spelman Seminary. Maybe NYPL can point me in the right direction!

To be honest, I can’t help but wish I had been a few years older & A LOT more attentive in capturing all the details to Grandma’s colorful stories!

Well, guess it just makes me all the more determined to document EVERY remaining tall-tale my little ole memory can still summon!