Alice Walker - Beauty In TruthThough not the case, it feels like I waited a really long time for Beauty in Truth, Pratibha Parmar’s (Kali Films) documentary about Author, Poet, Advocate, Womanist Alice Walker.

Beauty in Truth¬†premiered in London on March 10, 2013. I viewed it by the grace of PBS American Masters series this past Thursday — twice.

So worth the short wait. What a gift to me and Alice’s multitude of admirers. Thank you Pratibha!:)

There were many sweet moments throughout the piece that gave me pause, choked me up, made me laugh aloud. To ‘meet’ the human Alice Walker, apart from the author whose words 25+ years ago gave me release to be me, was surreal. Having context to the life experiences shaping her work? Hearing the narratives of my other sheroes Sonia Sanchez, Jewelle Gomez, Sapphire, Evelyn C. White and Beverly Guy-Sheftall? Man… priceless!

“When I couldn’t deal with reality around me, I would create something.” – Alice Walker

I knew Beauty in Truth would immediately prompt me to write. Alice’s writing has been liberating my inner-voice for a very, very long time!:)

At some point my 14 year old son, Justis joined me to take it all in; he’s grown up in a house filled with Alice’s books — some in duplicate and triplicate (my soulmate in book form, Temple of My Familiar).

Justis asked “have you always been so much like Alice Walker — even before you read her books?“. The short answer — yes, this is who I’ve been from the start. Being introduced to Alice’s writing freed me from a life spent fighting to mask my true self. She rescued me.

As she ages Alice looks so much like the women in maternal JACKSON line I could stare at her face for hours. I once wished for an interview with Alice where I could finally have 25 years worth of questions answered. Not anymore…

Alice Walker is so familiar to me I could be in her presence, feeding the chickens, tending the garden, watching the water and not utter a single word.

Words are useless. We speak the same language…

The Nature of This Flower Is to Bloom
Rebellious. Living.
Against the Elemental Crush.
A Song of Color
For Deserving Eyes.
Blooming Gloriously
For its Self.

Thank you Alice. Thank you Pratibha.

Beauty in Truth