2014 Spring Ancestor Challenge


AAGSAR BLOGFEST 2014 ~ Go Hard OR Go Home


WHEN: Sunday, 5 January 2014

  • Our community BLOGFEST will be in high-gear from 9AM ET to 9PM ET.
  • Time investment? 1-2 hours collaborating on blog setups and as much time as you’re willing to gift to support our BLOGFEST! :)
  • Bloggers/Cheerleaders will provide 1:1 guidance, feedback and encouragement! NEW Bloggers you ultimately own your work ― roll-up those sleeves and be ready my friends!
  • When your family blog or website goes live, send Luckie the blog name and link. NEW KID ON THE BLOG announcements will be made every 3 hrs ― 12PM, 3PM, 6PM and 9PM.
  • What happens next? We CELEBRATE with you ― and your ANCESTORS!:)

WHY: Slave Ancestry Research Requires CSI Detective Skills + the Patience of Job!

AAGSAR was created to guide and support you in utilizing technology to enhance your research toolkit, NOT convince you of its value to your research in the 21st Century. To be clear ― we are a tech-centric, not tech-ONLY […]


Old Freedman ~ Marshall, Texas 1939Don’t EVER allow anyone to tell you African American researchers aren’t taking their Ancestor challenges seriously, digging deep and bringing their family histories online for community sharing and preservation!

To quote AAGSAR Tribe Member Kristin CLEAGE of Finding Eliza:

“…Got to say I’m so happy my cousins are sending me copies of all the documents and photos that they find in drawers and boxes and are happy for me to put it online and share. I think one reason many people don’t do a blog or use technology is because nobody ever told them they could, or how they could. The more of us that do it, the more of us that will do it.”

Our African American Genealogy and Slave Ancestry Research (AAGSAR) group hosted via Facebook has supported nearly 200 BRICK SLAYERS and 55 genealogy blog contributors (30 of those NEW bloggers) since kicking-off just 90 days ago!

Our Ancestors have entrusted us to tell their stories. We’re committed to preserving our individual family legacies and moving our collective community research forward.

If you have ANY DOUBT, spend time visiting the AAGSAR Genealogy Blogs below!

Yes indeed, I’m tooting ALL your ANCESTOR horns!

Well done Good People!:)



AAGSAR Official CHEAT SHEET: Surviving The Principal, TRIBE & 21st Century Slave Ancestry Research

Zora Neal Hurston ~ Many Rivers to Cross PBSAlright then! By way of Facebook prompt, word of mouth, referral and/or Ancestors, you’ve recently joined the African American Genealogy and Slave Ancestry Research Community on Facebook and I assume, have read Who In The Heck is AAGSAR & Why Don’t Y’all Like White People?! to learn more about the Ancestor-waters you’re about to leap into!

For you a Cheat Sheet of how to survive The Principal (that’s me!:), The TRIBE (our AAGSAR Community) and Slave Ancestry Research in the 21st Century (our work).

“Slave Ancestry Research is a process requiring a BOATLOAD of patience & CSI detective skills! Your ANCESTORS are worth it!” ~ @AAGSARFacebook Twitter

  • Come Prepared to Work. AAGSAR is a NO OBSERVERS forum. EVERYONE owns their work. There’s no MAGIC PILL for Slave Ancestry research. Thriving in our Community requires commitment to work and openness to technology.
  • Did You Say Technology? AAGSAR is a collaborative, TECHNOLOGY-centric, Community focused on 3 primary goals. If any of the 3 frighten you, your choices are — a.) run NOW or b.) face what frightens you! Learn. Grow. Reclaim your Ancestry! Make your choice and move forward:

“Luckie and all, I am overwhelmed with this page! It is […]

UNCUT & UNEDITED: My Exchange with Kicking Up The Past

183 reads of Whiteout In Mainstream America: Slave Ancestored Genealogy ~ Our Truth in Black & White. 17 emails and 9 inbox messages via Facebook asking for updates and offering support.

After a lively exchange with Kicking Up The Past and AAGSARFacebook via Twitter this afternoon, that’s what I arrived home to this evening.

I have no elevator version of my exchange with Kicking Up the Past to share tonight. Not adding my spin to our back and forth, because it would be laced with my own sarcasm and irritation at this point.

Below are our previous exchanges — verbatim. Read them as you will. Interpret them as you like.

The only personal commentary I’ll add — asking a question is neither an act of aggression or anger. Speaking the simple truth is not hatred or hostility.

As long as there’s a disparity in how the Enslaved Africans narrative is shared, displayed and/or acknowledged — my voice will be heard. And if there’s a question to be asked — I have  NO ISSUE asking it.

Accept it.

I’ve been online as a genealogist for 14 years and an advocate for civil, social and human rights for almost 30 years. That’s not changing anytime soon.



10.8.13 — Luckie’s follow-up email after multiple queries & direct message via Twitter


I’m Luckie Daniels the African-American genealogist who inquired via Twitter (@AAGSARFacebook) if and/or how Kicking Up The Past planned to include the African-American slave experience in the upcoming documentary/KickStarter project.

I’m unsure why an email communication is […]

PART I: Who In The Heck is AAGSAR & Why Don’t Y’all Like White People?!:)

GoHardGoHomeFor the past 14 years there have been two concurrent addictions in my life – Slave Ancestry Research and Emerging Technology!:)

Yes, I’m Luckie and I am a TECHIE — by day and by night. Though I’ve managed technology initiatives in various channels of the IT spectrum, it’s the NEW TOOLS I dig most! The stuff making life manageable or making access to viable information seamless really gets me excited!

My genealogy research is more calling than addiction and one I’ve carried for 15 years now! I’ve been online with my Our Georgia Roots since 1999 (DO NOT laugh at my use of color!:) and since 2007 with Our Alabama Roots.

Genealogy has been my lifeline. It gave me a history that had been blurred over time with the lost of each Elder. It afforded me an outlet and much needed distraction through the 4 year journey with my Mom through Alzheimer’s Disease. So when the Ancestors called me off my 2+ year hiatus — ironically, the day after Mom’s passing on 8/5 — as always I answered.

But this return IS different. It needed to be more than just blogging and tweeting about my family or community activities. Rather than assisting the random researcher with making the genealogy blogging/twitter “leap-o-faith”, I wanted to focus where there’s the greatest deficit online — the African-American genealogy community.

So with the aid of my Sister-Cousin in crime, Felicia Mathis of


Catie WINGFIELD-DORSEYMystery of The Smyrna Church: Retracing Rev. DICKEY’S Historical Footprints

Challenge: Under what conditions was Catie given and/or sold to J.M. Dickey in 1859-60 & which CODY owner was involved in this transaction?
Ancestor(s): 4th Great Grandmother Catherine WINGFIELD DORSEY (b. abt 1850 – d. 1933)
Others: Slaveowners – Robert Donnelson CODY & Rev. James Madison DICKEY
Years: 1859-1865
Tribe(s): Georgia – Wilkes & Warren County
Summary: Mystery of The Smyrna Church: Retracing Rev. DICKEY’S Historical Footprints


  1. Did Minister Dickey purchase Catie or was she loaned by her CODY owner?
  2. Where did Catie go, once Reverend DICKEY left Wilkes in 1862 — still 3 years before Emancipation?
  3. Who Pastored Smyrna Church AFTER Rev. DICKEY? Could Catie have been given to another family in 1862/63?
  4. How did Minister DICKEY cross paths with Catie’s owner anyway? What was their connection?


Luckie Daniels – What Reference Materials Do I Need?

  • Estate Inventory for Robert Donelson CODY
  • Will of Robert D. CODY
  • Confirmation of HARDSHELL BAPTIST church attendance by Robert CODY
  • Insurance Policy if Catie was “loaned” to DICKEY
  • Smyrna Church Roster/Minutes
  • DICKEY bible […]