Happy Birthday Anbownes!

If you missed knowing this REMARKABLE woman, you missed somebody mighty special! God broke the mold with this one! Happy Birthday Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICK, our Anbownes!:)

Fannie Louella Jackson Barwick

December 7, 1920 – March 5, 1992

Spelman University: Where My Family Genealogy & Images Will Call Home

At the turn of the 20th century my Great Grandmother Annie CARTER JACKSON lived on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, GA with my GG Grandmother Marrie, and attended Spelman Seminary with her 2 sisters Fannie and Mattie Wee. As a little girl, I was blessed to hear of their antics at Spelman on many occasions!:)

Grandma JACKSON’s gift for delivering our oral history in the most hysterical fashion, was the catalyst for me. Her memories were where my love of family history took root and her devotion to family, is what anchors my commitment to preserving it.

Annie CARTER JACKSONAs the family historian, I’ve spent 15 years unearthing our Georgia and Alabama heritage. I’ve inherited bibles, historic documents and rare family images from my maternal Grandparents and Mom, and through divine intervention, “acquired” the family bible of my paternal Great Grandmother COBB.

Over the past few years I’ve given MUCH thought to how my personal genealogy archive will be managed in the event of my passing. I’ve been trying to answer one simple but difficult question — what’s the BEST way to ensure my heritage is preserved and our data made accessible to other researchers?

As an advocate for digital preservation I’d considered both Ancestry.com and LDS owned Family Search, but in truth neither entity has earned my trust as a researcher of Slave Ancestry. I’m not convinced the digitization of African American history is a ‘true’ priority of either org and I know from personal […]

1 Year: My Marvelous Mama

There are no words really to sum up the life, legacy and absence of Mama. So today on the 1 year anniversary of her transition, I share the family memories that still have the ability to make this baby girl’s heart smile beyond the tears.

Peace and ease Mama…

THANKFUL: Little Gerrie BARWICK 1941-2013

“We don’t see the same history….Our history is not dead facts in a book. Our history is alive and still going on. It’s in our songs and stories and the roots of every tree.” ~ Grampa Sky

Little Gerrie BARWICK

Last night my sister Gina sent me a welcomed surprise, little Gerrie BARWICK (Mama – front row; 3rd from left).

Mama’s expression reminded me of the days before Jaiya became “Ms. Glam” and had yet to realize you smile on pics! That’s the EXACT same expression I have on dozens of her pictures!:)

My first Thanksgiving on this planet without my Mom, I’d be lying to say my heart isn’t a little heavy.

But I’m oh so thankful to have such an amazing Mother, who made me the uncompromising, warrior spirit I am.  Thankful for the Mother she taught me to be.  Thankful for the blessings her MULTITUDE of prayers have afforded me.

Thankful this Thanksgiving, my Mama’s at peace and surrounded by love.

Peace and ease Mama… don’t worry about me.

All is well with my soul!:)


{Quote Source: thanks to AAGSAR Member LaKesha of Honoring Our History}

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Our Jasmine MARR & First Lady Michelle OBAMA #DREAMFORWARD

Jasmine MARR & Michelle OBAMA - Nov 2013

November 22, 2013: Investigating Where We Live alumnus Jasmine MARR and Museum Teen Programs Manager Andrew COSTANZO accept the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program award from First Lady Michelle OBAMA.

Jasmine’s my sister Gina’s youngest Daughter. A graduating Senior at Kingsbury Day School in Washington, D.C., she’s recently been elected Student Class President — the first female class president in 10 years!

Jasmine’s a gifted photographer and will be pursuing a career as a Museum Curator.

Jasmine MARR & The First Lady Michelle OBAMA


Official Image Credit: Ralph Alswang

23andMe: DNA Results Provide ANSWERS & Leave Even More QUESTIONS!

23andme Luckie Daniels ~ EXPANDED

So after 7.5 weeks of patiently waiting my 23andme DNA sample results are FINALLY in! Woooo-hooooo!:)

From my mtDNA (Maternal Line) results it appears I’m 87.5% Sub-Saharan African, 11% European, 1.4% East Asian & Native American and .1% unassigned — which I assume to mean alien, or we don’t know exactly what that is!:)

My Haplogroup is L2a1 (see 23andme details below)
Maternal haplogroups are families of mitochondrial DNA types that all trace back to a single mutation at a specific place and time. By looking at the geographic distribution of mtDNA types, we learn how our ancient female ancestors migrated throughout the world.

  • Haplogroup: L2a, a subgroup of L2
  • Age: 55,000 years
  • Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Example Populations: Bantu-speakers, African Americans
  • Highlight: L2 is very common among African Americans


  • In respect to my European makeup — NOPE! On my Maternal side (WILKES County GA) I had several CARTER Ancestors who passed for white following Emancipation and have been told my 4th Grandfather Philip CARTER had white skin and blue eyes. Additionally, judging by the relatives — and offspring — of my other WILKES 4th Grandfather James WINGFIELD, I think it’s safe to assume he was of fair complexion as well. From my Alabama Roots, 4th Grandparents Cary and Ann BARWICK are both identified as mulatto on the 1870 HENRY County Census. So no shocker as […]

5th Edition Carnival of African American Genealogy ~ REBIRTH: Journeying By Faith

Saint Paul A.M.E. Church ~ 27 January 1980Journeying By Faith

“…Shall we permit adverse winds to overwhelm us as we journey across life’s mighty roads, or will our inner spiritual jets sustain us in spite of the winds? Our refusal to be stopped, our courage to journey on, our determination to go on men of St. Paul in spite of, reveal the divine image within us. The man who has made this discovery knows that no burden can overwhelm him and no wind of adversity can blow his hope away. He can stand anything that can happen to him…”

~ Rev. Ronald M. JACKSON, Sr. {1941-1981}

My Great Uncle Jake was one of a kind! Growing up, we frequently got treated to assorted renditions of Uncle Jake’s antics as a young boy, performed by various family members!:)

Raised on Baymiller Street in Cincinnati, word from the family was long before Uncle Jake found Jesus, his cussing and mischief were legendary!

Though just 4 months her senior, Jake was Mom’s uncle; baby of the JACKSON clan – Harry, Fannie (my Grandmother), Marie, Theodore, Mitzi and Minnie.

He so loved and spoiled Mama, and she in return nicknamed him her yella flubba-dub, based on his tan complexion and propensity to keep a juicy mouth! And never being outdone, Uncle Jake often shared with us his belief living with the BARWICKS — my Grandparents Willie and Fannie, Mom and Uncle Walt, “turned him brown”!:)

Ronald JACKSON Sr.God […]

5th Edition Carnival of African American Genealogy ~ REBIRTH: Thomas Andrew DORSEY {1899-1993}

Thomas A. DORSEY

What would a Revival be without our cousin, “Georgia Tom” DORSEY? It makes sense as I began to meditate on REBIRTH: It’s Time For Revival, the Ancestors would send the soothing words of Precious Lord, Take My Hand, to my lips.

The JACKSON clan has long-held Precious Lord, composed by Thomas A. DORSEY close to the heart. It, along with I’ll Fly Away and Jesus Loves Me are the songs of my childhood that will always ring most clear!

As I began to sing, Spirit summoned memories of my Great Grandmother Annie CARTER JACKSON, pins clinched between her teeth, hanging fresh clothes on the line; softly comforting herself with familiar words. She was always so quiet working the line, makes me wonder now who and/or what life event was Grandma cloaking in prayer?

And my Uncle Jake, Rev. Ronald M. JACKSON, Sr. sitting high in the pulpit of St. Paul A.M.E Church was there too! I see him now, regal in his flowing purple and black robe, big glasses over eyes closed with his head tilted back; swaying easy as the choir behind carried him and us away.

Thomas DORSEY ~ Take My Hand, Precious LordCousin Tom DORSEY penned Precious Lord in a […]


Watch-NightService ~ CoAAG 5TH ED: REBIRTH

I have such vivid memories of being a young girl in Cincinnati, preparing with my family to attend Watch Night Service on News Years Eve! Our churches at the time — Zion Temple First Pentecostal in Avondale (Elder Jasper PHILLIPS) and in later years, Tryed Stone Missionary Baptist Church in Bond Hill (Rev. Anderson CULBRETH).

I remember Watch Service as being celebratory, lively and SAFE! Where celebration and praise, were often followed by good food and fellowship! It was the selective choice of those opting for church family over strangers to welcome in a New Year!

Til this day, there’s only been 1 time in my adult life I’ve brought a New Year in at a party vs. being surrounded by family at home — and even then I still remember feeling out of sorts!:)

Until today, I had NO idea that the origin of Watch Service started with the Slaves, but it doesn’t surprise me! So much of what we define as cultural practice are artifacts of our Ancestors! Here’s what I learned via a Christian Leaders News post — New Year’s Eve Watch Night Service: Slaves Started it.

The History:

At the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1862,  the new year was ushered in … and at 12:01 AM, on January 1, 1863,


Many of you who live or grew up in Black […]

What Story Does It Tell? Homecoming First Baptist Church 1935 ~ Cuminsville, Cincinnati OH

First Baptist Church ~ Cinti, OH

I discovered this 1935 Home Coming image of the First Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio among family images I inherited from my Maternal Grandmother, Fannie Louella BARWICK.  I believe this image belonged to my Great Uncle Jake, the Rev. Ronald JACKSON Sr., my Grandmother’s baby brother who died in 1981. There’s a small amount of writing on the front and nothing on the back.

How I’d love to know the story behind the beautiful picture of such a proud congregation! Who among the crowd looking out is connected to me?

Home Coming
First Baptist Church Cuminsville, Cincinnati, OH
Oct 13, 1935
Rev. D.G. SHELTON Pastor

What story does the 1935 Homecoming of the First Baptist Church of Cuminsville tell?

Join us friends for REBIRTH the 5th Edition of the Carnival of African American Genealogy!

It’s time for us to tell our own stories, so no one will EVER have need to ask that question!

It’s time for REVIVAL!:)