The Future Leaders Crew - #DangerousBlackKids

The “Future Leaders Crew” reppin’ the South side! Those darn gang members! #DangerousBlackKids

When the #DangerousBlackKids Viral Revolution sparked by our Dream Defenders fades from our socially-conscious side-eye, I want to remember we were there to engage and partake of its relevance and ABSOLUTE beauty!

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends took to Twitter in mass on February 16-17 following the Jordan Davis/Michael Dunn Trial verdict to show America just who our brown and black children REALLY are!

And let me tell you, NEVER has the Twittersphere — black or white — been in such silent-awe and NEVER have our kids shined brighter!:)

Justis - #DangerousBlackKids

Be careful. Justis might use his graphing calculator to formulate you to death. #DangerousBlackKids

No need for me even to attempt to define Black Twitter, when Soraya Nadia McDonald of the Washington Post did it so splendidly!:

Black Twitter is part cultural force, cudgel, entertainment and refuge. It is its own society within Twitter, replete with inside jokes, slang and rules, centered on the interests of young blacks online — almost a quarter of all black Internet users are on Twitter.

There’s no password. The only entry fee is knowledge. If you’ve spent time steeped in black culture, whether at a historically black college or university or in the company of friends or family, you will probably understand the references on Black Twitter.

That Dude Jay - #DangerousBlackKids

@Dreamdefenders that dude Jay looks suspicious hanging at the corner — bookstore! #DangerousBlackKids

Jaiya - #DangerousBlackKids

@Dreamdefenders: Concealed weapon alert! Jai-bear wields a FIERCE look alike pumpkin! #DangerousBlackKids

My Daniels Kids #DangerousBlackKids

@Dreamdefenders approach w/caution: all 3 Daniels kids considered armed (w/hugs) & dangerous! #DangerousBlackKids

Jasmine #DangerousBlackKids

Keep your eye on Jasmine! You know how aggressive & defensive black girls can be! #DangerousBlackKids

I’ve witnessed some pretty amazing Black Twitter feats! BT was instrumental in mobilizing around getting George Zimmerman charged in the Florida shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin and 100% responsible for getting Zimmerman Juror #B37’s book deal squashed!

When @DylanByers decided to question the “intellectual cred” of Ta-Nehisi Coates (The Atlantic) and asserted the African American community was lacking of Thought Leaders, I couldn’t resist joining in the #‎PoliticosBlackIntellectuals‬ ego-whooping Dylan was served — and encouraging several AAGSAR Tribe Members (Tracey and True) to join me!:)

#DangerousBlackKids is my favorite! A celebration of our proudest accomplishments, our kids and a declaration WE DEFINE OURSELVES, not society’s skewed perceptions!

These are just my beautiful #DangerousBlackKids. Spend some time marveling at the many others!:)

A force to be reckoned with for sure!

#DangerousBlackKids and mad for #BlackTwitter!:)