Marriage License CARTER & FAVERI’ve yet to identify the slave owners of my other 3rd Great Grandparents of WILKES County — Philip CARTER and Annie FAVER.  They were married on February 18th 1869.

To make my search even more ‘interesting’, I’ve only found Philip and Annie together in one census — 1900. To date they’ve not surfaced in the 1870 census and in 1880 though Philip was counted and identified as married, Annie was not included in the household.

An accidental omission?  Maybe Annie was working and counted elsewhere?

Only time [and more hunting] will tell!:)


ORIGINAL PAPERS [Part I, pages 192-224]

FAVER – Page 224

FAVER, JOHN dec’d. Matthew Faver app. admr. Aug. 17, 1829. John Cheney, Sec. Writ of dower to the wid. Sarah Faver Jan. 6, 1830. 187 acres on Kettle creek, leaving 582 acres for the heirs. Mary (?) Faver app. gdn of Sanders and Henry Faver, Feb. 1, 1819, orphs of John Faver, dec’d. Allen J. Arnold and Daniel Carrington, Sec. Petition of John Faver to be app. gdn., and Thos. Faver chooses him gdn., no date.

FAVOR, THOMAS, Henry and Sanders W., Vs Matthew Favor and John Wynne, admrs. Their petition says that John Favor, Sr. father of petitioners died 1820, intestate leaving a wid, Mary Favor and besides the orators, the following children: Wm. Favor of Ala., Sarah Favor of Wilkes Co., married to Daniel Jackson who is dead without admr or excr., Matthew Favor of Wilkes Co., Reuben Favor of Monroe Co., John Favor, Jr. of Wilkes Co., since dec’d., also a dau Elizabeth who before the death of her father said John Favor, dec’d, married Nathan Echols, now dec’d and died herself leaving children, Edward Echols of Ala., Wm. Echols, Delilah Echols married to Joel Appling, also of Ala., Van Allen Echols of Wilkes Co., Mary Echols who married John Hammett of Gwinnett Co., and Nathan Echols of Talliaferro Co. all heirs of John Favor, Sr., dec’d. That John, Sr. was gdn in his life time of your orators. That the wid Mary has since died intestate and your orator Thos. Favor has administered on her est. That John Favor, Jr. managed principally the adm’n of John Favor, Sr’s est., that John Jr. has since died, and Matthew Favor and John Wynne of Oglethorpe Co. have administered on the est of John Jr. Petition to have said admrs pay over their legacies in property and the income from it.

CARTER – Page 213

CARTER, JOHN dec’d est. Chas. R. Carter, excr. Division of slaves Mar. 9, 1822. Lot No. 1 to G. W. Carter, Lot No. 2 to Jos. A. Carter, Lot No. 3 to Jas. Carter, Lot No. 4 to John C. Carter.

CARTER, JAMES dec’d. Warrant of appraisement Nov. 29, 1797. John M. Carter, admr. Inv. shows slaves Jinney, Anney, Webb, Tom, Harry, Cook, Bob and Zimony, bay horse, portmanteau etc. Receipt of Alex. McLaws of Augusta for board, horse feed and wine 1798. Returns 1800, from 1797 paid Mrs. Lettice Winn $378.00, paid Stokely Morgan $100.00.

CARTER, ISAIAH & EDWARD, minors, heirs of Isaiah Carter late of Burke Co. dec’d. Application and appointment of Wm. Stone gdn Nov. Term 1817, Burke Co. Ga. App gdn of Edward in Wilkes Co. Nov. 1828. Paid Samuel Barnett, Treas. Washington Academy tuition 1828. Affidavit of Samuel Sturges, Ordy of Burke Co. that the within (not found) contains all proceedings of Wm. Stone as gdn of Edward Carter, Jan. 10, 1829. Last return for Edward 1830, paid Samuel Barnett tuition. No mention made of Isaiah Carter, minor in any of these papers.

[Citation: Early Records of Georgia, Volume 11, Wilkes County, abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson, published in 1933 at Macon, GA]