FREEDOMTWEET 2010Wow! This has been some month, huh?! Did we EVER think that #FreedomTweet 2010 would come to mean so much, to so many, OUTSIDE of our genea-family?

Did the Ancestors EVER think that we — their children — would be living as FREE as we do today? I often wonder if my Ancestors dreamed or imagined a better day. God, in my heart, I hope so.

Today marks the 145th Anniversary of Juneteenth — the nationally observed day commemorating the end of Slavery in the United States. On this day, starting in 1865 Galveston, Texas, Emancipated Slaves celebrated their new-found, but still greatly challenged — freedom.

So today, we speak and stand-up for FREEDOM. What it meant for our Ancestors of yesterday, and what it means to us today, their living legacies…


Luckie Daniels, Our Georgia Roots | CoAAG 4th Edition: FreedomTweet 2010 ~ What Does FREEDOM Mean To Me? ~ Freedom means far more to me today, than it did a month ago when I first thought of #FreedomTweet.

Jacky Gamble, Vermont Genealogy | Juneteenth Events ~ Thank you Jacky for sharing with us the Juneteenth event of Portsmouth, NH & supporting FreedomTweet 2010!

Vicky Daviss-Mitchell, Mariah’s Zepher | Texas Tradition Arizona Style: Honoring Juneteenth ~ Thank you Ms. V for showing us how to celebrate Juneteenth, Arizona style!:-)

Angela Walton-Raji, My Ancestor’s Name | In the Spirit of Juneteenth: They Fought for Freedom ~ Thank you Angela for educating us on the important role the Colored Troops played in the Civil War, fighting for our freedom.

Sandra Taliaferro, I Never Knew My Father | Carnival of African American Genealogy ~ Freedom Tweet 2010 ~ What does FREEDOM Mean To Me? ~ Thank you Sandra for summing freedom up quite nicely — Freedom for me is a life without barriers.

Joann, J-Macs Journey | A Legacy of Freedom – Life Lesson’s for Grand’s Girls ~ Thank you Joann for sharing the freedom legacy you’ve both inherited and pass on through your descendants.

Toni Carrier, Lowcountry Africana | We’re Celebrating 7 Days of Juneteenth! ~ Thank you Toni & LCA for this PHENOMENAL contribution to the 4th Edition of CoAAG — 7 days of new FREEDOM historical records! Preservation of history offers freedom to many!

Toney Holley, For All My Relations | What Freedom Means to Me ~ Thank you Toney for sharing your reflections on freedom & how its meaning changed when you journeyed to Washington, DC.

Kristin Williams, Finding Eliza | To Be Where You Can Breathe… ~ Thank you Kristin for sharing the beautiful 1917 letter to your Grandfather Mershell Graham. It’s a bittersweet reminder that though “free” our Ancestors did not truly experience “freedom”.

Susan, Nolichucky Roots | What Does Freedom Mean To Me? ~ Thank you Susan for reflecting on your Ancestors freedom journey from Europe and committing to heal slavery’s legacy so that we all can live free. So glad we could encourage you to *tweet*!:-)


Thanks to all the Genea-Contributors and supporters of FreedomTweet 2010! You have indeed made this 145th Juneteenth a day of true celebration and thanksgiving!:-)
Hugs to you,