Road To FreedomMany years ago, I coined myself the Accidental Buddhist because at the time, I considered my finding the spiritual path to Buddhism an “accident”, a “fluke”.

Of course once I began to follow the Path, I realized that my spiritual journey was no fluke at all — it was my destiny. Today, I see it as my rock.

Buddhism did for me what all spiritual paths are intended to do — it saved me from myself. Does it make me perfect? No. Does it make life trouble-free? No. However it does make me forever conscious of my impact to those [and things] around me and aware of my accountability to mankind in both large and small ways.

I am thankful. The Path is the only source capable of calming the fire of rage I’ve often felt in respect oppression, racism and suffering. The Path is the only comfort allowing me to rise each day as my heart is challenged with watching more and more of Mom transition away due to Alzheimer’s Disease.

After all these years, I am still working on accepting that I am, right now FREE. I am happy. There is much good in this season because Mom is still here, right now and there are lessons for me to learn in the present. I am working on accepting reality (or the illusion that looks like it) with grace, peace and ease.

So you should know, following the June 19th FreedomTweet event, I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from the genea-space to just… well, be.

There are other needs calling my name. I need to connect with a Sangha so that I continue learning the Teachings I’ve vowed to. I am committed to investing more time in helping to alleviate suffering and hardship wherever I find it. I want to read books again — I haven’t read Walker’s Temple of My Familiar in ages, it’s time. I want to roller skate with my children again and just be in the moment.

What this means for the genealogy community is that the Carnival of African-American Genealogy definitely and possibly, A Friend of Friends will *pause* with me. Likewise, my presence among the Twitter GeneaBloggers will also be vacationing. Our Georgia Roots and Our Alabama Roots will both remain up as a resource to fellow researchers and a connector to me. I vowed NEVER to pull my sites offline again, I’m keeping my word.

There will be some of you relieved to see me absent (smile) but take no comfort because you don’t physically see my presence. Like my Great Grandmother Annie used to say “every shut eye ain’t sleep, and every goodbye ain’t gone“!

The Genea-community is my Family too and I always protect Family.

While researching and planning for FREEDOMTweet 2010, I discovered the Road To Freedom Exhibit currently at the Bronx Museum. I plan to visit this too and take my kids with me. I don’t know they REALLY grasp what’s been sacrificed so that they today could continue the Liberation Fight.

I encourage you to support FreedomTweet 2010. Not for Luckie Daniels and not just for CoAAG.

Be you black, brown, red, yellow or white — there is a Liberation Fight for you too. We are all in this together and there are MORE than enough social, civil and environmental causes to go around.

Lastly, I leave you with this. Just because you have the right to make a choice, doesn’t remove your obligation to choose what’s right; what’s just. There has been sacrifice lent to afford us a choice. It was not and is not FREE.

We are put on this planet to evolve and to make life better — both for ourselves and others.

Dare to stand-up and accept the gift [and challenge] of loving and being accountable for each other. It is the only hope we have.

I truly love you,