Whitehall District

With Genealogy treasures like this manifesting, there’s no way my Wednesday can be Wordless!:-)

Yet another gem pulled from the Digital Library of Georgia as part of a collection of Wilkes County images from J.W. Stephenson {trust I will be digging-up his roots further too!:-}

The image description reads:

“Wilkes County, ca. 1905. Whitehall district (negro) near Washington- Blacks gathered in front of the church.” –from field notes

Whitehall is the main street that courses through the African-American section of Washington-Wilkes.

My WINGFIELD Ancestors built a historic church in 1863 at 318 Whitehall Street that still stands today – Jackson Chapel AME {scroll down to ‘Churches & Religion’ section}.

To my knowlegde there is only one church in Washington-Wilkes that would be considered “Whitehall District” & that is Jackson Chapel.

I just can’t help but wonder how many of my Ancestors I am gazing at in this image!

My, my….

I pay homage to the Unknown Ancestors.