Record 2 ~ Births

Hammond-Davies Bible
A Record of Slave Births, Deaths & Marriages 1830-1865
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Family Record. Births.

The foregoing are the names of all the children and their respective ages on the plantation at this time. Malvern February 6th 1853:

  • Wade, son of Milly, was born in February, A.D. 1853 at Malvern
  • Rose, daughter of Mary, was born June A.D. 1853 at Malvern
  • Lem, son of Priscilla was born July 5th 1853 at Malvern
  • Abbey, daughter of Patience was born January 12th 1854 at Malvern
  • Henrietta, daughter of Sarah, was born April 8th 1854 at Malvern
  • Brutus, son of John & Molsy was born Oct 1854 at Malvern, died aged three days
  • Entry deleted
  • Harry, son of Sarah, was born July 30th 1855 at Malvern
  • Daisy, daughter of Pleasant, was born Sept 19th 1855 at Malvern
  • Leonard, son of Lucy & Sam, was born at Malvern in February 1856
  • John, son of Molsy & John was born at Malvern in March 1856
  • Clarence, son of Eve, was born at Malvern, June 28th 1856
  • *Rufus, son of Robert & Martha, was born at Malvern February 2nd 1857
  • *Chloe, daughter of Judy & Simon (owned by Samuel Clarke, Esq.) was born February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day at my Swamp Place, 1857
  • Rhena, daughter of Sarah, born at Swamp Place, April 4 th, 1858
  • Edward, son of Pleasant, born at Swamp Place, April 11 th, 1858
  • Amy, daughter of Robert & Martha, was born August 18th, 1858
  • Brutus, son of Molsy & John, born at Malvern March 16 th, 1859
  • Weston, son of Diana, born at Malvern, January 27th A.D. 1860
  • Anthony, son of Mary, born Tuesday, February 15, 1860 at Malvern
  • Corrine, daughter of Sarah, born May 3rd, 1860 at Malvern, S.C.
  • Kelly Lou, child of Eve & William born at Edgefield, Mississippi, September 1861


*[Notation at the bottom of the page states the asterisked individuals] “Should have been entered on the next column,” indicating that Rufus, Chloe and their mothers, were purchased from James F. Gardner, on 12 July 1853. Additional notes state that Rufus’ father, Robert “came from Burke Co. Georgia” and Chloe’s father, Simon, was “owned by Samuel Clarke, Esq.”