Hammond-Davies Bible
A Record of Slave Births, Deaths & Marriages 1830-1865
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Family Record. Births.

  • Dandy, son of Charity, was born at Gardner’s Swamp Plantation in Beech Island A.D. 1844
  • Nelson, ditto, A.D. 1846
  • Jessy, ditto, A.D. 1848
  • Edward, ditto, A.D. 1850
  • Pender, daughter of Winny, born as above, A.D. 1852
  • Gabe, son of Martha, born as above, A.D. 1852
  • Aggy, daughter of Charity (2nd) born ditto, A.D. 1848
  • Phillis, daughter of Judy, ditto, A.D. 1849
  • Coleman, son ditto, A.D. 1853
  • Mirna, ditto A.D. 1855 in January at my Swamp Place near Hamburg
  • Sydney, son of Maria, born at Gardner’s A.D. 1847
  • Susan, daughter of Maria, ditto A.D. 1849
  • Gracey, ditto, at Malvern, August A.D. 1853
  • Cyrus, son of Venus, at ditto, Sept A.D. 1853
  • Mirna Elizabeth, daughter of Judy, was born at my Swamp Place about the first of January 1855
  • Juno, daughter of Robert & Martha born at Malvern, June 14th 1855
  • Raphael, son of John & Maria, born Nov 25th at my Swamp Place, 1855
  • Lavinia, daughter of Maria, born at Malvern on Christmas Day morning A.D. 1858
  • Fanny, daughter of Judy & Simon born at Swamp Place in February A.D. 1859
  • Floyd, son of Maria & Harrington, born August 6th 1860 at Malvern. This is her sixteenth child.
  • Eliza, daughter of Robert & Martha, born at Barnwell [Mississippi] June 10th 1860. The first child born on the plantation.


[Note at bottom of page] “The above negroes I purchased of James F. Gardner A.D. 12th July 1853 with their issue since then. Robert, husband of Martha, came from Burke County, Georgia.