Hammond-Davies Bible
A Record of Slave Births, Deaths & Marriages 1830-1865
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Family Record. Births.

  • Lucinda, daughter of Molsy & John, born at Barnwell, Mississippi, July 1861
  • Beauregard, child of Mary, born at Barnwell, Mississippi, September 26th A.D. 1861
  • Sterling Price, son of Robert & Martha, was born at Barnwell, Mississippi, February 6th, 1862
  • Robert Lee, son of Sarah Cashin & John Bruce (coachman of Sam’l Clarke, Esq., of Beech Island, South Carolina) born at Malvern, May 4th 1862
  • Floyd, son of Harrington & Maria, born Malvern, August 6th 1860
  • Aramenta, daughter of Pleasant, born June 15th, 1862, Edgefield, Mississippi
  • Jeff Davis, son of Molsy & John, Sept 5th, 1862, Edgefield, Mississippi
  • Stonewall Jackson, son of Harrington & Maria, born at Malvern, October 1862
  • James Longstreet, son of Frederic & Sarah, born December 22nd, 1863 at Malvern
  • Cosette, daughter of Robert & Martha, born January 7th 1864 at Malvern
  • [No Name] son of Eve, born at Malvern, February 20th 1864
  • Braxton Bragg, son of King & Jane, born at Malvern, February 24th 1864
  • Beatrice, daughter of Mary, born at Malvern July 16th 1864
  • Bedford Forrest, son of Pleasant, born at Malvern July 22nd 1864