Hammond-Davies Bible
A Record of Slave Births, Deaths & Marriages 1830-1865
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Family Record. Deaths.

  • Died at Malvern, October 1853, Gabe, son of Martha, from being overlaid, as is supposed. Aged about 6 months.
  • Died at my Swamp Place in July 1854, Pender, daughter of Minney, atrophy, aged about fifteen months.
  • Died, ditto, Coleman, son of Judy in July 1854, teething. Aged about 15 months, Cholera & infantum teething.
  • Died in Augusta at Dr. H.R. Campbell’s Infirmary in July, Susan, daughter of Maria in same year of Dropsy, aged about four years.
  • Died at Malvern, October 1854, Brutus, son of Molsy and John, aged if a few days – stillborn.
  • Cyrus, son of Venus, died at Malvern, April 6th about midday – aged about nineteen months – atrophy and enlargement of the liver.
  • On the night of January 23rd 1856 at the late residence of W.W. Starks, Esq., Dinah, mother of Peter. Her age was remarkable. She was owned by M.C. Hammond, Esq., and sold with others to W.H. Baldy, Esq., and then by him, allowed to live with me in 1850. Since then she has had her freedom, having been a child of my grandmother’s and hence my attention to her in the decline of her life. She was a noball [sic] ninety years of age. Was buried at Malvern. Died of pneumonia and old age.
  • Harry, son of Sarah, died at my Swamp Place, July 30th 1856, in the afternoon, late, aged just one year to a day. Teething and cholera infant..
  • Leonard, son of Lucy and Sam, died at Malvern, October 11th, 1856, aged about eight months of the effects of excessive blistering from pneumonia and [indecipherable].
  • Isaac Gardner, aged about forty-eight, was killed by the night train to Charleston in December 1856. He had been to Hamburg frolicking and is supposed to have been drunk. He was found dead under the track the next day. He was without exception the most industrious negro I ever knew and almost invaluable on a plantation. He leaves no family save a young wife.
  • Died, July 30, 1857, at Malvern, Jonas, son of Lucy, aged five years. Disease – worms and eating dirt.
  • Died Tuesday morning, January 5th 1858 at Malvern, Ceasar, the oldest and best of all my father’s negroes living at that time. He was constantly a faithful and dutiful servant and above all my negroes the most reliable. I felt deeply and sincerely attached to this old man. His age was near seventy. Died of disease of the heart – was found dead in his bed at Malvern.
  • Died at my Swamp Place, March 15th 1858 at my Home Place. Clarence, son of Eve aged just two years. Disease – Scrofula.
  • Died at my Swamp Place, Mirna Elizabeth on Thursday, February 3rd 1859 from the effects of a burn received ten days before – her clothes taking fire. Aged three years, daughter of Judy.
  • Died in July 1858, Sarah, wife of Sandy in Bolivar County Mississippi of Dropsey, aged about forty.
  • Died at some period during the year 1858, Sanders, aged about nineteen years. He went off in April from my plantation in Mississippi and was never heard of afterward. He is presumed dead.