Hammond-Davies Bible
A Record of Slave Births, Deaths & Marriages 1830-1865
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Family Record. Deaths.

  • Chloe, daughter of Judy, died at Barnwell, Bolivar County, Mississippi, October 19th 1860. Disease – spasms form worms.
  • Lucinda, daughter of John & Molsy, died at Barnwell, Mississippi, Sept 1861 – aged two months.
  • Armenta, daughter of Pleasant, died July 24th 1862 from injury received by a fall.
  • Tom, son of John & Molsy, died at Edgefield, Mississippi, October 19th, 1862. Disease – Diphtheria. He was a remarkably fine boy. Aged about 14 [years].
  • Ned, died February 22, 1862 – Disease Old Age.
  • Willie, son of Sarah & Charles, died at Malvern at just 12 o’clock at night. April 30th 1863 in the 16th year of his age. Disease unknown, but an affliction of his spine and whole nervous system.
  • Toby – aged about 70 – died at S. Clarke, Esq., Beech Island, July 18th A.D. 1863 – Disease – general breaking down and old age.
  • Arch — aged about 65. Died at Malvern, November 1st 1863. He was a slave of my fat [delineated] Thomas W. Davies and received a wound crushing his ankle coming out from Mississippi – a fugitive from the accursed Yankees. The wagon wheel passed over his ankle breaking it.
  • Stonewall Jackson, died at Malvern, March 2nd 1864, aged 16 months – Disease – Measles.
  • James Longstreet, died at Malvern, February 25th 1864, aged two months – Disease Measles.
  • [No Name] son of Eve, died at Malvern, aged 8 days – Disease – Measles.
  • Lavinia, daughter of Harrington & Maria, died at Malvern, March 9th A.D. 1864, aged six years –Disease Typhoid Fever.
  • Jeff Davies, son of John & Molsy, died at Malvern, March 10th 1864, aged 18 months – Disease Measles.
  • Preston, son of Diana, died at Malvern, March 29th, 1864, aged just 4 years, Disease unknown.
  • Phillis, daughter of Lucy, died at Malvern, August 6th, 1864, aged about 20 years. Disease Dropsy after a protracted illness of two years – first Typhoid Fever; then Pneumonia, and terminating in Dropsy.
  • Charley, son of Patience & Charles, died at Malvern, July 03, 1865, aged 19 years. Disease inflammation of the stomach – remarks – this was a case easily cured – but as the parents had taken him under their charge and declined sending for a physician, he died. [Next line delineated.}