Hammond-Davies Bible
A Record of Slave Births, Deaths & Marriages 1830-1865
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Family Record. Marriages

  • Charles and Patience in Burke about the year 1830.
  • Massaline and Isaac about the year 1840 in Burke County.
  • Dave and Polly about the same time and same place.
  • John & Molsy ditto about the year 1848.
  • Moses & Winny at Malvern Sept 1853.
  • Charles and Mary same time and place.
  • Robert and Martha at Malvern the first part of October same year.
  • Isaac (2nd) and Sarah, the same time and place.
  • Mary Glover and Raphael in March 1856 in Beech Island.
  • Ben and Mary Gardner on March 7th 1856.
  • Eve and Hector ditto.