Augusta GA 1859I’ve literally read the transcribed version of the 1859 Augusta, Georgia {Richmond Co.} City Directory {page 61} a few dozen times!

I know that it reflects the time period when Rev. James Madison DICKEY, owner of my Catie DICKEY WINGFIELD, resided in the St. John’s Parsonage while Pastoring Ashbury Mission {now Ashbury Methodist Church}.

I’ve even gone as far as to outreach Ashbury in the hope that records from its first Pastor still exist but nope, there is nothing of Minister Dickey’s tenure at the church.

However seeing the original version of the Augusta Directory, complete with water stains & the marks of aging, made me pause  & acknowledge – this is a historical time-stamp – not only for James Madison but for my family too.

Sometime between the time when James Madison ministered at Ashbury, married Ann Elizabeth THOMAS EVANS in May 1859 & relocated to Wilkes Co. in time to be counted in the June 1860 Census, he acquired my Catie.

I don’t know how or from whom {although I believe it was a CODY in neighboring Warren Co.}. Can’t imagine how a man who from all appearances, never owned any slaves until that time, felt about becoming the owner of a 10 yr. old girl or when he acquired his 2nd slave, a much, much older woman. Who was she? Was she any relation to my Catie?

I just know that this is the physical time-stamp of one of those actions that shaped the landscape of my family.

My Catie never saw her much loved Sister Allie again, nor her Mother – Kate WILLIAMS or Father – Jim DICKSON. I don’t believe she ever returned to Warren Co. again, even though Wilkes is just next door.

Thanks to Miriam Robbins Midkiff’s work in bringing the City, County & Rural Directories of long ago, to us online.

I would encourage you to follow Miriam’s blog to stay current on what’s happening at the OCCRD Website & if you are on GenealogyWise, check-out the OCCRD Discussion Group.

I’ve always known that 1859 was a significant time in the lives of James Madison & Catie but something about seeing the ORIGINAL time marker made it all the more real.