Justis & CHMS #ENDALZ 2014Justis was a full-term baby born floppy, which is a less clinical way of saying he was oxygen deprived and not breathing. We’ve never really understood why but I remember him being silent and blue, and me being in complete shock, watching my OB-GYN begin chest compressions.

Mom and my Great Aunt Mitzi (Nan) were right beside me, and rather than joining me in silent shock, they immediately began to pray — LOUDLY. It was 30-35 seconds that felt like a lifetime, but as soon as the prayers began, Justis started breathing!

For years, we each told the story of how Mama and Nan prayed Justis back to life. They fought for him when I could not.

Now, almost 15 years later, Mama’s taken rest from the torment of Alzheimer’s Disease, and her Justis is fighting #4GERRIE, #4NAY (our BELL Cousin) and the 5.4 Million people living with Alzheimer’s today.

On Friday 2/7, Justis and his Community House Middle School #ENDALZ Warriors hit the halls with a common mission — $1 for 1 Krispy Kreme doughnut!

900 doughnuts and 25 minutes later, our CHMS Student Supporters had helped the DANIELS family give Alzheimer’s its first kick in the butt for 2014! Focused and impeccably-coordinated, I’ve never seen a fundraiser so successful, flawless and FUN!

Students were happy for the afternoon sugar fix, and open to learning about Alzheimer’s Disease and our mission to find a cure. Several students understood all too well, having already lost Grandparents to ALZ.

I left encouraged and inspired! I believe we’ll find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, and committed young people like the ones I watched canvassing CHMS classrooms will be the generation to deliver it!

Gerrie always believed Justis was born for greatness. She’d often look at him and remark how she couldn’t wait to see who he would become!

For sure she was smiling with pride at her #4GERRIE Team Captain Friday and me too! Our 2014 Walk To End Alzheimer’s Campaign is in safe and very capable hands!:)

Thanks to our CHMS #ENDALZ Warriors Justis – Team Captain, Christine Babao – 8th Grade Counselor, Cameron, Alena, Jordan, Karenna, Zaina, Zalfa, Amy, Bryce, Lucy, Grant, Manvith, Harrison, Cammie, Emma, Natalie, Mattie, Harper, Abby, Macey, Rachel, Piper, Nicole, Lanie, Max, Rachel, Helen, Brandon, Hunter, Arya, Shalini, Rebecca, Hannah, Margot, Jack, Leah, Maggie, Patrick, Ellie, Amy, Emery, Olivia, Scout, Amaya, Karli, Dana, Esther, Urvi, Vidhi, Rachel, Rohit,
Faustina, Madison and Julia.

Thanks also to Darren at Indian Land Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and our Alzheimer’s Association Partner Jacob Wilkins for the ALZ materials we had available to share! We ran out of those too and need LOTS more!:)

2014 Walk To End Alzheimer’s! It’s ON!:)



2013 #4GERRIE Family Team

#4GERRIE Atlanta 2013