IMANI (Faith): To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

In some capacity I’ve worked to uplift my community for the greater part of 30 years. I’ve been volunteer, counselor, advocate, analyst, champion, cheerleader and organizer. I’ve worked on all sides — government, local, non-profit and private sector. I’ve supported politicians, civic leaders, civil rights heroes [and sheroes] and everyone in between.

I do have Imani (faith) in the rightness of our efforts and victory over our struggles is attainable — to some degree. I do believe but my faith doesn’t rest in people, flawed just like me, anymore. My faith has changed with every year, victory and disappointment.

I believe I have to change the world from where I’m standing and not relegate “deliverance” from struggle to someone other than ME.

I believe in the power of truth when spoken with honorable intentions. I believe in doing what’s just and honorable, even when it’s damn hard to do! I believe bad karma can be turned by being RELENTLESS in applying good.

I believe each day we all have an opportunity to get it (life) right. Or at least make it better. I believe in my responsibility to my community.

I dig Toni Cade BAMBARA’s take on truth, responsibility and community…

“My responsibility to myself, my neighbors, my family and the human family is to try to tell the truth. That ain’t easy. There are so few truth-speaking traditions in this society in which the myth of “Western civilization” has claimed the allegiance of so many. We have rarely been encouraged and equipped to appreciate the fact that the truth works, that it releases the Spirit and that it is a joyous thing. We live in a part of the world, for example, that equates criticism with assault, that equates social responsibility with naive idealism, that defines the unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and wisdom as fanaticism.”

A New Year filled with new opportunities. Have faith.