Sarah Elizabeth WingfieldSarah Elizabeth WINGFIELD was the Daughter of Mingo & Sarah COHEN WINGFIELD of Washington, Georgia.

She was a School Teacher & supported her Father in his role as Church Secretary of Jackson Chapel. Washingtonian’s have describe her as a smart, meticulous record keeper.

But I doubt it would shock ANYONE to hear me say Ms. Elizabeth was not known to be an especially “friendly” person!

In all fairness, I was forewarned by her Niece, Malinda to not expect the “warmest of welcomes” when making contact with Ms. Elizabeth so yes, I called her at my own risk.

And let me also say, she was not mean-spirited or rude to me when I did call – just really, REALLY absolute & blunt.

Truth is, Ms. Elizabeth lived in a period of time where she would have known my 4th Grandmother Catie & her children. At the very least she would have known about my 4th Grandfather, James WINGFIELD & his relationship to her Grand & Great Grandfather’s, John {Jack } Jr.; John {Jack}; Sr.

You see, I’ve had an “inkling” for ages that John Sr. & Jr. were my Grandfather’s Father & Brother. However, the fact that he was lynched in 1885 makes that relationship almost impossible to validate without firsthand knowledge.

The problem? While Ms. Elizabeth knew the answers to my WINGFIELD mysteries, she had no intention of sharing this information with me or anyone else!

She was CRYSTAL clear… “I know exactly who owned my Great Grandfather & Grandfather & who your Grandfather was, I just don’t intend to tell you” & “you young people need to look to the future & let the dead be dead!”.

That was it. After a quick take care, Ms. Elizabeth hung up the phone.

I never spoke to her again & a few years later she passed away, with secrets intact – both hers & everyone elses.

It’s water under the bridge now, but I still can’t help but wonder what Ms. Elizabeth knew & what it would have meant to my family research today.



{Note: the above image was a part of the 100+ photos of Mingo’s returned to Malinda by his neighbor, Ms. Annie HALL. It is believed to be Sarah Elizabeth WINGFIELD as an infant with her Mother, Sarah Elizabeth COHEN.}