WarrenCoCensus_1870_ADawsonYou folks know the story – Catie {b. 1850} left her Sister Allie behind on a Warren Co. CODY plantation when she was brought to Washington-Wilkes by Rev. James Madison DICKEY in 1859.

Well tonight, I’ve located an Aly DAWSON {b. 1848} married to Elbert DAWSON, living with their children – Ike {6}, Sarah {4} & Rachel {3} in Hillmans Farm, Warren Co!

It gets BETTER! Marion M. Cody, the eldest son of Michael {Lori’s Ancestor!} & Rebecca ROGERS CODY are also living in Hillmans Farm at dwelling #964; Aly DAWSON is living at dwelling #971!

According to the 1915 book Cody-Rogers of Georgia by L.L. CODY, on page 14, Marion inherited his Grandfather James CODY’S property in 1850 & most of the CODY slaves were Family slaves, from inheritance.

In addition to Marion & Aly, a slew of former Michael CODY slaves are also living in Hillmans Farm, Warren Co! Reference the CODY Freedman cluster research I did here comparing the 1870 Warren Co. Census against slaves identified in Edmund & Michael CODYS wills!

Maybe our 22 yr. old Aly DAWSON & my Catie, are the descendants of the slave “Aily” identified in Edmund’s will? God, I wonder which others could be my Ancestors too?

Amazing that it’s taken me 12 yrs to find Allie/Aly/Aily!

I now know why — the digitized 1870 Census listed Aly DAWSON as male! Look, her sex is obscured on the original record, so I suppose, Ancestry guessed! However Aly was keeping house & had small children at home, which you can clearly see!

I don’t know where we go from here, but I feel slightly comforted.

I’m on to something! Wooooo-hoooo!:-)