BOLTON, Henry & FAVER, AmandaI believe in the power of the spoken word. You have what you say. So in respect to tracing your Ancestry [and most anything else] if you call problems, brick walls, road blocks and obstacles, they will surely answer you!:)

So in a nutshell, I speak what I WANT to happen – not what I DON’T WANT to happen. Hell, if it ain’t good why claim it? You follow me?!

Annie FAVER/FAVOR CARTER (b. 1848) was my 2nd GGG Grandmother from Washington-Wilkes, Georgia. Aside from the 1869 Marriage License  I have when Grandma Annie married Phillip CARTER and the 1900 Wilkes County Census, I’ve turned-up little else of my Annie.

I still remember Annie’s long braid preserved in a mason jar by her Granddaughter and namesake (my Great Grandmother), Annie CARTER JACKSON. She was said to be of  “mixed blood” (Native-American/African) and had a daughter, Anna WRIGHT (b. 1867) at the time she married my Grandfather.

I believe Annie FAVER/FAVOR CARTER died before 1910 and birthed at least 14 children. In the 1900 Wilkes County Census, 10 of those children were still living.

But I want to know more of my Annie’s story! So, I’m calling her and starting here — taking a deep look at all the FAVER/FAVOR and BOLTON clues I’ve picked-up over the years. The answers are here. I’m just looking past them, I can feel it.

Visiting my cousin Farrel Webb’s Facebook album, I was reminded of when I first stumbled on this 1902 image of Henry BOLTON and Aunt AMANDA (Mandy) FAVER in Wilkes County. These are my Ancestors. They will connect me to my Annie. What I’d like to know:

  1. Where was the CARTER family in 1870? Did the just get missed in the Census? Were they in another area? Counted as part of a relatives/employers home?
  2. Where was Grandma Annie is the 1880 Wilkes Census? Why was she missing from the household?
  3. What happened to Annie’s Daughter, Anna WRIGHT after the 1880 Census? Where did she and son Tommy WRIGHT live?
  4. When did Annie FAVER CARTER die? Was it in Washington-Wilkes or Atlanta?
  5. Can I confirm which FAVER in Wilkes County owned Annie?
  6. Can I find Annie’s other FAVER relatives? Reconnect with the Ancestry FAVER/FAVOR descendants from 2009?
  7. What is the HEARD family connection in Wilkes County?

Stay tuned!:)