Hannah & Lena BARWICKThis morning I woke with the goal of doing one thing — calling my Great Aunts Hannah BARWICK SLAUGHTER and Rev. Lena BARWICK HALL in Cincinnati! My Great Aunts are 92.5 and 91.5 years old respectively. They are the younger sisters, of Mom’s Father, William C. BARWICK.

I needed to alert my Aunts to the parcel that will show up at their doors soon. They needed the “story” of how I came into possession of a Rensler’s image, that I believe is their baby sister, Rosie Lee BARWICK.

I reached Aunt Lena first and what she shared allowed me to clearly see the real reason why Rosia Lee’s image flowed into my hands via an unwitting PhotoSmith from Cincinnati.

From Aunt Lena I learned their sister Rosie Lee (b. Jan 5 1929) was named after Aunt “Rosie” BARWICK (b. 1895) and Uncle Leroy “Lee” BARWICK (my Great Grandfather Raymond BARWICK’s siblings). That she was very sickly and died 1 day after her 11th birthday on January 6 1940 (confirmed by Ohio Death Certifcate). Although Rosie Lee’s cause of death was unknown, Aunt Lena told me the family always believed it was Tuberculosis. Aunt Lena said Rosie Lee’s personality was very much like their Aunt Rosie’s and that she was 18 years old, graduating from Woodward High School, when Rosie Lee passed.

Aunt Lena also shared that she thinks of Rosie Lee often and because there are no pictures of her, she can’t see Rosie Lee’s face in her dreams; she said this leaves her without peace.

Only after Aunt Lena said this, did I tell her about the picture that’s on its way.

From Aunt Hannah, the Registered Nurse of the family, I learned Rosie was hospitalized when she passed. Aunt Hannah couldn’t remember if all the BARWICK siblings [including Rosie Lee) had taken pictures at Rensler’s on the same day, but added — “it’s been over 70 years chile and I want to see that picture!”. Aunt Hannah tells me that IF this picture is their Rosie Lee, it is the ONLY ONE that exists anywhere.

After I confirmed my Rensler’s Rosia Lee bore the telltale “Barwick legs” and was dark brown, Aunt Hannah added “Rosie Lee looked more McKENZIE than BARWICK…”. The same comment her son Greg made when he first saw Rosie Lee’s picture on Our Georgia Roots!

I understand now why Aunt Lena has been so heavy on my mind over these past few days…

Rosie Lee’s image is not about adding to my Rensler’s family collection or about enforcing copyright ownership from the various folks “borrowing” images. It’s not about me or the OGR website at all.

Rosie Lee has come to heal Aunt Lena’s heart; so Aunt Lena’s dreams can include the face of her baby sister! This beautiful [albeit strange] turn of events is about healing.

On September 22nd, Aunt Lena will turn 92 years old and I can’t think of a more perfect gift!

Let me NEVER complain of carrying the responsibility I have to my family. It is because of it, that my life is so, so blessed!:)


P.S. And of course, as soon as I hear from my Great Aunts regarding Rosia Lee’s pic, I’ll report back!:)