January 2014

KWANZAA ~ Principle 7: IMANI = Faith

By |January 1st, 2014

IMANI (Faith): To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

In some capacity I’ve worked to uplift my community for the greater part of 30 years. I’ve been volunteer, counselor, advocate, analyst, champion, cheerleader and organizer. I’ve worked on all sides — government, local, non-profit and private sector. I’ve supported politicians, civic leaders, civil rights heroes and everyone in between.

I do have Imani (faith) in the rightness of our efforts and victory over our struggles is attainable — to some degree. I do believe but my faith doesn’t rest in people, flawed just like me, anymore. My faith has changed with every year, victory and disappointment.

I believe I have to change the world from where I’m standing and not relegate “deliverance” from struggle to someone other than ME.

I believe in the power of truth when spoken with honorable intentions. I believe in doing what’s just and honorable, even when it’s damn hard to do! I believe bad karma can be turned by being RELENTLESS in applying good.

I believe each day we all have an opportunity to get it (life) right. Or at least make it better. I believe in my responsibility to my community.

I dig Toni Cade BAMBARA’s take on truth, responsibility and community…

“My responsibility to myself, my neighbors, my family and the human family is to try to tell the truth. That ain’t easy. There are so few truth-speaking traditions in this society in which the myth of “Western civilization” has claimed the allegiance of so many. We have rarely been encouraged and equipped to appreciate the […]

A Simple Promise to Sandra – Happy New Year!:)

By |January 1st, 2014

I was in my car on February 15, 2013 when I learned via a Genea-Traveler email from Felicia of Echoes of My Nola Past, Sandra TALIAFERRO had passed. It took my breath away. San and I hadn’t spoken in a long time. Too long really. I didn’t even realize Sandra had been ill.

Though the heaviness of her passing followed me for days, I couldn’t help feeling San was finally free. I could see her interviewing the TALIAFERRO and MIDDLEBROOKS Ancestors she’d spent countless hours searching for. I could see her getting to know her daddy, John Lawrence TALIAFERRO and reuniting with her Mama, Lillian MIDDLEBROOKS who passed on September 27, 2009 — San’s birthday.

I could see her walking and exploring and if she felt like it — probably running!:)

Many don’t know Sandra spent almost 45 years in a wheelchair. In route to student orientation on her first day of college at Clark Atlanta University, Sandra and friends were in a terrible car accident that nearly took her life. In spite of her physical constraints, Sandra rose — in every possible way.

Sandra TALIAFERRO was as stubborn as a mule, but she was truly amazing too! I hope she knows that now. So in October when San came and sat on my shoulders to say something had to be done to prevent her research from being lost, I knew better than to ignore her!:)

The timing stunk! I’d just loss Mama 8/5 and started AAGSAR 8/15. Small gestures of attempting to pay for her I Never Knew My Father domain or rescue research […]

December 2013

KWANZAA ~ Principle 6: KUUMBA = Creativity

By |December 31st, 2013

DREAMFORWARD-Inspiration-#13KUUMBA (Creativity): To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

One day from the start of a New Year and five days from BLOGFEST 2014, what a perfect quote for a challenging but blessed time!:)

Keep your head up. Keep your heart strong.

In my 15 years of researching my family lineage, I’ve experienced more unbelievable *events* than I can even begin to count. Just when I think the biggest, most significant find has been found, something comes along to trump it!:)

I’ve always had a special connection to the Ancestors, even as a child. I laugh now remembering the only person in my family this gift didn’t spook was my Great Aunt Minnie! She always knew me and always made it okay to just be me.

I could be fooling myself but I think the Ancestors and me have grown into an “understanding”. They direct me. I hear and follow their direction. They move me forward!

This isn’t to say the walks forward are without hills, valleys and potholes. No, the ask is usually challenging but at the end, I’m always the better for it.

Only time will tell, but this work feels like the most important journey they’ve set my feet to yet. Opening my door to everybody’s Ancestors and their oft times difficult descendants sometimes feels too much; too heavy. And the adversaries? Whew!

I sometimes wonder if […]

KWANZAA ~ Principle 5: NIA = Purpose

By |December 30th, 2013

NIA (Purpose) Day 5 KwanzaaNIA (Purpose): To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

This year has been very special. I knew I’d lose Mom in 2013. Not even to have her on this planet, could I live with her suffering.

If I’m being honest, I had no idea how I would survive what came after losing her. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it.

But look at this, I survived. Somehow I landed in communities that understand community — both online (AAGSAR) and real world (Charlotte). I miss my Mama, but I smile and laugh with thoughts of her far more than I cry.

I reclaimed me this year. I’m working, dreaming and living boldly.  So busy today, meeting my Ancestor purpose preparing for AAGSAR’s Jan 5th BlogFest, I almost missed posting my Day 5 Kwanzaa Principle Nia!:)

Maybe that’s it. When you’re really focused on living your purpose, you’re too busy to spend time just talking about it?!

2014 the way is #FORWARD.



KWANZAA ~ Principle 4: UJAMAA = Cooperative Economics

By |December 29th, 2013

The Road To TaosUJAMAA (Cooperative Economics): To build our own businesses, control the economics of our own community and share in all its work and wealth.

Though I enjoy technology and appreciate the benefits its afforded me, my life purpose expands beyond software releases and project team wrangling.

I’m planning for 2014 to be THE year I finally see the fruition of my personal dreams, and they all lead back to a brief moment of divine instruction given me some 23 years ago.

So many things in my life have changed since then, but the message and direction remain steadfast. I’m clear. I know my life’s work.

And all roads lead to Taos where I’ll build locally. Live locally. Buy locally. UJAMAA.

Here’s to the new road and journey ahead my friends!:)


KWANZAA ~ Principle 3: UJIMA = Collective Work & Responsibility

By |December 28th, 2013

UJIMA (Collective Work & Responsibility) Day 3 KwanzaaUJIMA (Collective Work & Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and to solve them together.

I wish every person questioning my motives behind forming AAGSAR, could be instantaneously redirected to this post!:)

As a descendant of emancipated slaves, recorded as property not humans before 1865, I’ve had to accept the lack of historical documentation impacting my ability to trace my family lineage. As a technologist since 1999, I’ve been eyewitness to the evolution of The Great Digital Divide.

I was here in the Divide’s early stages, when connectivity and technical knowledge was a matter of socioeconomic status and geographical location. Translated — if you were poor, a minority and/or living in a rural area opportunities to own, learn and exploit the new gadgets were little to none. You were ignored and left standing on the sideline of the “technology revolution”.

I watched as technology evolved and expanded its reach, but our cultural mindset didn’t. In my IT world I manage the development of world-changing technology that rarely considers a person of color as its primary end-user.

Within my community, I’ve witnessed brown people VOLUNTARILY “opt-out” of the digital revolution. Often quickly dismissing the opportunities this medium affords; not acknowledging its ability to level the economic playing-field nor the reality this is THE rule-stick our brown […]

KWANZAA ~ Principle 2: KUJICHAGULIA = Self-Determination

By |December 27th, 2013

KUJICHAGULIA (Self-Determination): To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves.


Every morning before Jaiya heads into school, I charge her to “be the best you“. It’s our parting thing that even the teachers rushing her out the car look for me to say!:)

Today I reminded Jai the challenge to be the best you is really the Nguzo Saba Principle of Kujichagulia (self-determination) and though it’s spoken easy enough, embracing all aspects of your AUTHENTIC SELF in a culture often encouraging the opposite, is a TRUE character builder!

Proudly Brown. Opinionated. Strong-willed. Courageous. Honest. Loyal. Faithful. Creative. Resourceful. Maternal. LUCKIE.

Define ourselves. Name ourselves. Create for ourselves. Speak for ourselves. All really an inner-prompt to live authentically.

Write your own rules. Be the best YOU!:)

Habari gani?! KUJICHAGULIA!


Image – left to right: Brianna, Jaiya, Trinity and Sydney dressed as their favorite book characters. As usual, Jai chose her Disney look-a-like Doc McStuffins!:)

Doc McStuffins

KWANZAA ~ Principle 1: UMOJA = Unity

By |December 26th, 2013

UMOJA (Unity) Kwanzaa - Principle 1UMOJA (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

In so many ways, this has been the first year in a long time I’ve felt the embrace of true community and unity.

I NEVER expected this year and the creation of AAGSAR to be the vehicle of personal challenge, growth and learning for ME it’s proven to be.

Just when I thought I had no heart left to lend to family, genealogy or blogging, the Ancestors said otherwise. When faced with the decision of where to post Mom’s Obituary, she told me the ONLY place the announcement of her transition could live would be here, among those who’ve loved her most. It was my first post in 2 years! Mom’s way of keeping my heart open and mind busy.

Even from the other side,  Mom’s herself once again — protecting and supporting her baby girl!:)

AAGSAR was formed 10 days after Mom’s passing; an act made more from following the knowing nudge of my Ancestors, than a deliberate decision to add such a HUGE responsibility to my plate! Sounds naive I know, but I had no idea the amount of personal time, patience, tolerance and discipline creating AAGSAR would require of me.

Introducing a new research model to our existing research community has been VERY challenging, but it’s also been rejuvenating, inspiring, uplifting and purpose fortifying too!:)

I have […]

MANDELA: Long Walk To Freedom ~ 25 December 2013

By |December 25th, 2013

MANDELA: Long Walk To Freedom

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” MANDELA: Long Walk To Freedom

SLAVE ANCESTRY RESEARCH: Ralph WORMELEY Plantation Labor, Middlesex County VA

By |December 24th, 2013

1778-Wormeley-Ledger-ISince discovering Samuel WINGFIELD’S  plantation ledger last month at Duke University, I acknowledge after all these years of researching, I can still be sickened by what I discover. When I consider the experience and not the data, the barbaric nature of Slavery leaves me speechless — and angry.

I’d decided not to publish additional images from the 300 page ledger. It’s painful enough to read; can’t imagine how much my Ancestors suffered enduring it.

Overseer Samuel WINGFIELD was a meticulous record keeper. Void of all humanity, the ledger is a difficult read — especially for this WINGFIELD descendant.

Before migrating to WILKES County, Georgia in 1783 with Thomas WINGFIELD, my Ancestors were enslaved in HANOVER and MIDDLESEX Counties, Virginia. Thomas WINGFIELD worked my Ancestors in every possible way, as well as frequently leasing them to labor for others.

Ralph WORMELEY V (1745-1806) was the Virginian planter my Ancestors provided the most labor for. Whether my Ancestors built/maintained the Rosegill Plantation in Middlesex County or worked some other land owned by WORMELEY, I’ll never know. Honestly, I really don’t care. That’s not the history I care to research or record.

ROSEGILL Plantation  ROSEGILL Plantation

What I do know is along with WINGFIELD and many others, WORMELEY profited from my […]