Pierce Cody - Macon GA City Directory 1924Born about 1850, Pierce CODY is my 3rd great grand uncle; brother-cousin to my 3rd great Grandmother Catie WINGFIELD-DORSEY and Aunt Ailey II CODY DORSEY.

Born into slavery in Warrenton, WARREN County Georgia, Pierce’s parents were Elbert, my 4th Great Grandfather and Dicey (Dorothy) CODY. I believe even before he was emancipated Pierce took Fannie (b. about 1851) as his wife and they had at least two (2) children, Sarah (b. 1872) and Harry (b. 1880).

Pierce’s 1937 WPA Slave Narrative came to me early in my research (1999) and I knew immediately he belonged to me.

Reflections of life on Bob CODY’s place, mirrored Catie’s WARREN County plantation memories of “Master CODY” and her sister, Ailey. Learning Pierce’s father carried the name Elbert shed light on the origin of a long-standing family name!

Catie named a son Elbert WINGFIELD, and her grandson cousin Elbert STRINGER’s ability to remember our family’s oral history is the reason we have Our Georgia Roots today!:)

I’m thankful for the gift Pierce’s WPA Narrative has been, but my uncle lived nearly 90 years! Slavery and his reflections of it were but a small portion of a full life. I’d be remiss to allow that narrative to be the only one reflective of his existence.

At least two of his sisters, Ailey II and Lou, named sons Pierce. Ailey’s son, Pierce DORSEY (b. 1892- d. 1983) was a World War I Army Sergeant who lived to be 90 years old. Lou’s son, a second Pierce CODY was born in 1878 and had a sister sweetly named Dicey Ann Cody Jr., after Pierce’s mother!:)

Hotel Lanier - MACON GA 1906Sometime after the 1880 Warren County Census Pierce relocated his young family to Macon, BIBB County Georgia.

Over the next 40 years, by way of BIBB County Census (1900-1930) and city directory records, you find Pierce and Fannie living in Macon, where he worked as a Porter for several of the local, upscale hotels, including the Exchange Hotel and Hotel Lanier (pictured).

I can imagine Pierce handsome and uniformed, looking far from a slave! I’m told he was “good-lookin with a fine suit of hair”. I’d give just about anything to see a picture of my Uncle!:)

I enjoyed exploring the streets Pierce and Fannie called home – Hudson, Poplar and Hendricks Lane. I tried to identify any family living close by and will research what became of Sarah or Harry their children.

It saddens me to know once taken to WILKES County, my 10 year old Catie never saw her WARREN County CODY family again. I’m wonder if she knew and/or remembered Pierce?

Hotel Porter Badge 1909 MACONI do believe Pierce CODY has more of his story to tell. The life narrative of an Uncle whose 1937 reflections solved MANY of our family mysteries rightfully deserves my due diligence.

What questions remain to be answered?

  • What year did Pierce die and where is his death certificate?
  • Ditto for Fannie CODY, Pierce’s Wife
  • What happened to Pierce’s children, Susan and Harry?
  • What was the relationship to 15 year old Alex FOWLER living with Pierce, Fannie and Susan in 1880 Warren County?
  • Was there a family connection to Seaborn CODY?
  • Can I get a picture, please?!:)

Let’s see where our journey takes us. It’s been a long time coming.

Pierce CODY of Macon Georgia. My 3rd great grand uncle, I pay homage!:)