Ronald M. JACKSON Sr.Uncle Jake was a chubby, jolly, happy man who loved God, family, fishing & laughing!:-)

Though they were the same age, he was my Mom’s Uncle… the baby of the Jackson clan – Harry, Fannie {my Grandmother}, Marie, Theodore, Mitzi & Minnie.

As a girl, my Sisters & I spent EVERY summer in Lima, OH with Uncle Jake’s family – Aunt Charlotte & Cousins Rhonda, Angie & Ronnie Jr.

Uncle Jake was Pastor of St. Paul AME Church & boy could he preach! In my mind I can still see him in his preachers robe, sitting on the wide pulpit & watching to see if we {the kids} were behaving!

Obviously, we spent LOTS of time in church. To this day, when I hear the song “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”, I think of the young girl “Penny”, who could rock that song OUT!:-)

We also spent lots of time fishing {by way of Winnebago}, laughing & stirring-up mischief!

Both then & now, Uncle Jake represented everything normal & good about family. He was my role model for how a man should be.

Recently my Great Aunt Mitzi saw this picture of Uncle Jake & shared how proud he was of it, telling my Great Grandmother Annie, ”I sho’nuff posed for my picture Ma!”. He was 7 years old.

Ronald JACKSON Sr.We lost Aunt Charlotte to Cancer in 1980, which broke Uncle Jake’s heart. And in 1981 we lost both Uncle Jake & Rhonda {age 17} to a tragic automobile accident, which broke the heart of our family.

We loved him dearly! A sweet, sweet man.