Rosetta CODY & King COOK - Newton ML 1871Well it’s been an exciting research week for me and the realization of 1864 slave catcher’s receipts for Rose, Mary and Garrison CODY [property of Dr. Jeptha Melton CODY] have birthed new life into my recently quiet CODY Ancestors! Read about this week’s events here – ROSE CODY: She Saying Something Now!:)

Eventually, I will post a copy of the receipts shared with me by researchers Mark AUSLANDER and J.P. GODFREY, my most recently discovered CODY-descended cousin. Eventually. Just doesn’t feel like the right time now.

So what do I know?:

  • In 1864 when Rose, Mary and Garrison were captured they were presumably returned to B.J. CARR on behalf of Madison Derell CODY, one of my family’s slave owners and deceased Jeptha’s younger brother. Madison was Executor of Jeptha’s estate.
  • Jeptha had an estate with many slaves at the time of his death, evident by the 1860 NEWTON County Census, Jeptha’s surname is misspelled CODEY. It lists him as owning 36 slaves.
  • Emancipation arrived shortly after the October 1864 capture of Rose, Mary and Garrison.
  • Many of Jeptha’s freed slaves remained in Wyatt and Oxford NEWTON County as evident by the 1870 NEWTON County GA Census.
  • Though his residency was in NEWTON County, Madison maintained his plantation in WARREN County for about 1 year following the end of the war.

What became of our NEWTON Rose?

What’s my Rose/Rosetta Theory?

Again I say THEORY. The newly found estate inventories of Edmund and Michael CODY do reveal details I’ve not had before. Thanks to Family Search! However an estate inventory of Rebecca CODY (d. 1851) and/or Dr. Jeptha M. CODY (d. 1864) would tell me more about how my CODY Ancestors were sorted amongst her heirs following her death and the names of slaves in Jeptha’s possession at the time of his death – though the 1870 NEWTON Census gives us a good idea. The CODY freedmen/women in NEWTON mostly belonged to Jeptha and the other few (in NEWTON) to Madison. CODY bible records would be INVALUABLE here!

Luckie’s Theory…

  • My 5th Grandfather WARREN Co. Elbert (identified Michael CODY’s 1831 will) had children by two (2) of Edmund CODY’s slaves (identified in his 1831 will) — my 5th Grandmother Ailey (Mother of Catie and Ailey II) and Dicey (Mother of Pierce and siblings).
  • Rosetta identified in Michael’s 1831 will is our NEWTON Rose/Rosetta. Garrison and Mary are also identified in Michael’s will.
  • NEWTON Co. Rosetta is NEWTON Co. Elbert’s Mom; possibly sister WARREN Co. Elbert CODY? Thus explaining her naming a son, Elbert.
  • WARREN Co. Elbert’s Mom would have been Old Granny Rose (the first slave of Michael CODY’s purchased in 1800). In Claude Carr CODY’s family journal she is referred to as Old Granny Rose and still living about 1860. I do not believe she lived to be recorded in the 1870 Census.
  • WARREN Co. Elbert’s sisters were Grace, Rosetta and Mary. I know Grace was identified in the CODY family journal as Rose’s daughter. Mary appears to be a family name in the line and Rosetta (our NEWTON Rose).
  • WARREN Co. Elbert would have had children with my 5th GM Ailey first, and then Dicey. I believe Ailey died before Emancipation. So Ailey and Dicey would have possibly produced siblings who were also cousins?
  • I no longer believe Rachel CODY (90 years old in the 1870 WARREN County Census living with Elbert and Dicey) is Elbert’s Mother. A possibility raised by fellow AAGSAR researcher Terrence Garnett several months ago! That would still make Rachel my 6th Grandmother, just Mother to Dicey and possibly Ailey I.

I know at some point, WARREN Co. Elbert was either sold to or loaned-out to Robert D. CODY (Grandson of Edmund, and 1st owner of Catie and Ailey). Pierce’s WPA slave narrative provides details to his and Elbert’s jobs on the Bob CODY plantation.

Next Steps?!

  • Continue mapping ALL Roses – both NEWTON and WARREN County. They are the same family line.
  • Confirm if Pierce’s Mother Dorothy (per the slave narrative) was Dicey of the estate listings. I’ve not seen a Dorothy listed in either estate so I believe they are one in the same but haven’t confirmed that yet.
  • Transcribe the slave names and transactions from the inventories. Both inventories provide names, family groups, lots sold,  slaves leased, and what happened with Edmund’s plantation BEFORE Robert CODY purchased it. It was leased by a HARDAWAY?!
  • Research J.P.’s NEWTON Stephen (identified in Michael’s will and inventory) CODY and Israel GODFREY Ancestors to determine any family connections.

Yepper! LOTS of Rose CODY and related research in my future!:)