Zephyr SMITH ~ Marshall, TXOn November 11th I received an email from Nahshon ANDERSON expressing interest in the upcoming 5th Edition Carnival of African American Genealogy (CoAAG) — REBIRTH: It’s Time For Revival!

Apparently while researching a short story regarding his Great Grandmother, Zephyr SMITH SCOTT (1899-1923), Nahshon *stumbled upon* the CoAAG Call for Submissions and believed the piece on Mrs. Zephyr to be a good fit.

For me, not so much.

Nahshon isn’t a member of AAGSAR nor to my knowledge, is he active in the online genealogy community. He doesn’t pen a blog and the piece on his Great Grandmother doesn’t quite capture the familiar, happy memory sentiments I’m hoping will resonate from our REBIRTH CoAAG.

But thankfully, Mrs. Zephyr hasn’t been so easy to dismiss! Today, for reasons I can’t even begin to explain, I knew she deserved a safe place to have her story shared…

The Lady Zephyr submitted by Nahshon ANDERSON

Curious about my family’s background, I started conducting genealogical research several years ago. The more I discovered the more I became obsessed with my Great Grandmother’s story who was raised in a Southern Baptist home.

Her name was Zephyr which means the west wind, a gentle breeze. Born in 1899 to Charles and Missouri SMITH,  she was raised in Marshall Texas on a farm with several brothers and one sister.

At a young age Zephyr was united with the Hebron Baptist Missionary Church. At the age of 14 she married Precious SCOTT, became a housewife, and had 3 children — Annie, Obzine, and Bonnie SCOTT.

Precious and Zephyr’s marriage was very rocky. Due to Precious’ temper and brutal whippings, she filed for divorce and was anxiously waiting to leave him.

One Sunday morning May of 1923 near Hebron Church, as Zephyr was socializing with 2 male companions, Precious attacked and shot her 7 times. Zephyr lived a few days more and then passed away. The Hebron Community lost one of its beloved members. With Zephyr gone, and Precious incarcerated, the Hebron Community stepped up to help raise Annie, Obzine, and Bonnie SCOTT.

This past November 3, 2013 I ventured down to Marshall Texas, where my Great Grandmother Zephyr grew up. I attended her church the Hebron Missionary Baptist’s 145th Celebration “A Church Built on Unity“, which was founded by Rev. Sol JONES, Deacons Ben HOWARD, George VANS, and Jack RANDLE in 1868 .

It was my first time visiting a Southern Baptist church, as well as visiting an African American historical cemetery .

I was also given my family’s bible that dates back to 1883 and has important death, marriage, and birth dates recorded in it!

This posting is to celebrate the Hebron Baptist Missionary Church as well as the life of Zephyr SMITH SCOTT.

Mrs. Zephyr please forgive my temporary spirit lapse, and thank you for finding your way here. You are among family, and certainly belong with us.

Peace, ease and rest to you…