1778-Wormeley-Ledger-ISince discovering Samuel WINGFIELD’S  plantation ledger last month at Duke University, I acknowledge after all these years of researching, I can still be sickened by what I discover. When I consider the experience and not the data, the barbaric nature of Slavery leaves me speechless — and angry.

I’d decided not to publish additional images from the 300 page ledger. It’s painful enough to read; can’t imagine how much my Ancestors suffered enduring it.

Overseer Samuel WINGFIELD was a meticulous record keeper. Void of all humanity, the ledger is a difficult read — especially for this WINGFIELD descendant.

Before migrating to WILKES County, Georgia in 1783 with Thomas WINGFIELD, my Ancestors were enslaved in HANOVER and MIDDLESEX Counties, Virginia. Thomas WINGFIELD worked my Ancestors in every possible way, as well as frequently leasing them to labor for others.

Ralph WORMELEY V (1745-1806) was the Virginian planter my Ancestors provided the most labor for. Whether my Ancestors built/maintained the Rosegill Plantation in Middlesex County or worked some other land owned by WORMELEY, I’ll never know. Honestly, I really don’t care. That’s not the history I care to research or record.

ROSEGILL Plantation  ROSEGILL Plantation

What I do know is along with WINGFIELD and many others, WORMELEY profited from my Ancestors hard labor. And with that said, I will NEVER allow their work to remain invisible, hidden in the pages of an archived plantation ledger!

Ralph Wormeley V When the search engines educate researchers on the prominence and wealth of Ralph WORMELEY, let the context for how that wealth was acquired be summoned too.

“The Life Blood of Commerce is Goods Sir, Goods” – Slave Trader John CarringtonROOTS

Commerce and goods? No, my Ancestors survived the exploitation and cruelty of WORMELEY, WINGFIELD(s) and a plantation ledger full of others to thrive in life.

I’m the living, breathing, civil liberties and freedom of speech flaunting, manifestation of their strength!

Nothing but pride and reverence for my Ancestors sacrifice and fortitude to be found here. NOTHING!




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