Wingfield-Genealogy---CurationIn 2004 I discovered a Special Collection of slave related artifacts belonging to Thomas WINGFIELD curated by Duke University.

According to 1782 HANOVER County VA tax records, Thomas WINGFIELD’s household consisted of 9 family members and 23 slaves. For WINGFIELD’s Revolutionary War service, he received a land grant of 200 acres, migrating to WILKES County GA in 1783.

The 23 Slaves migrating with Thomas WINGFIELD were my original Virginia Ancestors. Pretty darn phenomenal huh?!

This past Saturday, I drove 2.5 hours from Charlotte to the Duke University Rubenstein Rare Document & Manuscript Library to view the collection in person!:)

The WINGFIELD Collection isn’t the first slave owner collection I’ve discovered.

In 2009 I found the Claude Carr CODY Collection housed at Southwestern University in TX. A MASSIVE collection of personal documents belonging to Claude’s Father Madison Derelle CODY, a slave owner of my WARREN County Ancestors. Excited, I hired an onsite researcher to identify documents relevant to my research. Roughly 1 week later we realized the unthinkable — EVERY slave related document belonging to Madison CODY had be meticulously omitted. There wasn’t one, single mention of my Ancestors anywhere.

Devastated is the only word to even come close to how I felt. So though excited to finally touch the WINGFIELD collection, I was careful to hold my excitement in check.

Though much smaller, the historical information contained within the WINGFIELD Collection is far richer than anything I would have expected!

So what did I discover?

  • WINGFIELD Slave Names. To my knowledge, I reclaimed every enslaved WINGFIELD Ancestor name the collection contains — some 10 pages. It appears slave names were at the back of the ledger and had possibly been torn out. There were a dozen or so loose papers that could have come from the ledger or a family bible. Still many more were missing than what remains. Scans of the original pages and transcriptions live here — SENTIMENTAL SUNDAY: An Early WINGFIELD Thanksgiving Full of Grace & Ancestors.
  • Plantation Ledger of Samuel WINGFIELD. Samuel WINGFIELD was a son of Thomas, and the Plantation’s overseer. There are no words to describe this ledger nor my feelings related to it. I will say I was both impressed and sickened by Samuel’s impeccable record keeping. I’m awaiting a scan from Duke University of the full 400 page ledger. I’m hoping it will contain more slave data. There’s also a Ralph WORMLEY family and/or plantation connection I need clarity on. We’ll have to wait and see what the ledger contains!
  • WINGFIELD Slave Owner(s) Genealogy. The collection contains various pieces of correspondence providing insight into the WINGFIELD family genealogy and industry produced by way of their plantations. To my surprise there were also a few useful records of Archibald WINGFIELD (he owned most of Farrel Webb’s Ancestors) and other WILKES County WINGFIELD planters. Of these I captured what I thought important and/or beneficial to future researchers. Those scans are included below. The information gleaned, will require many hours of additional research but the links to my Ancestors are endless.

1880 Soundex - James WINGFIELDOnce all the new WINGFIELD data has been posted online, I’ll begin working to connect Ancestors from the Collection pages to the various estate, wills, indenture documents I’ve compiled over the years.

My prayer is I’ll directly connect my 4th Grandfather James WINGFIELD (b. 1836) to many of his early GA and VA family.

15 years ago this Soundex Card (thanks for the reminder Tracey!:) was where my research began; identifying my 4th Grandparents James and Catherine WINGFIELD in the 1880 WILKES County GA Census, along with their children Marrie (my GG Grandmother), John and Fannie.

Now I’m back where I started, with 200+ WINGFIELD Ancestors who need their roots planted!

A new WINGFIELD journey begins!:)




WINGFIELD Slave Owner Genealogy – Page 1


WINGFIELD Slave Owner Genealogy – Page 2


WINGFIELD Slave Owner Genealogy – Page 3


Wingfield-Genealogy Ledger Tobacco & Cotton Crops

Wingfield Genealogy Ledger Tobacco Crops

Wingfield Genealogy Ledger Tobacco Crops