Carey Moore ~ Flying With RavensShortly after returning from my first trip in March 2011 to Taos, New Mexico, I posted this painting by the late Carey Moore, Flying with Ravens. It was a Sunday, and I was on the way to my weekly [heartbreaking] visit with Mom.  A post reflecting the heaviness I carried. I was “going through” and turning to all things beautiful (and quiet) for comfort.

I fell in love with Taos the moment it was described by a friend encouraging me to visit The Enchanted Lands, where she said I’d fit right in.

Well I did visit. I did fit right in. And in May 2014 I’ll travel cross-country with kids in-tow to plant new, permanent, Southwestern roots in Taos, NM!:)

Kinda surreal how much my life has changed since that Sentimental Sunday post.

This time, Mama will journey with us in spirit. I’m not seeking refuge in the mountains anymore, just my own adventures and dreams to fulfill.

Planning on immersing myself in my art, and devoting lots of time loving on my kids — and me!:)

In seasons to come I’ll raft the Rio Grande, join the pilgrimage to Chimayo and celebrate fall harvest with the Red Willow people of Taos Pueblo.

I still believe my old-school coffee house will manifest where I’ll comfort folks with Blue Mountain coffee and good CHI! Looking forward to nurturing our family business and spending my days encouraging folks to live happy, healthy lives.

I’ll finally learn to ride a horse, hike and maybe, somehow convince Justis to get in a hot air balloon!:)

Life is an adventure to be cherished my friends. Young and old take leave from this existence every day without notice; leaving lessons for all of us.

Free yourself from every weight and determine to live. Call the life you want and summon courage to create it!

Now is our season. #DREAMFORWARD