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You Got Roots?! | Sunday, 2 March 2014 @ 6PM ET | @AAGSARFacebook


DREAMFORWARD Inspiration #2Be open to whatever comes next… #DREAMFORWARD

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Thanks To You AAGSAR’s #BLOGFEST2014 Was EPIC!:)

Dora KOONCE & son, James HARDY(EN) KOONCEI’d searched ALL DAY for the word to sum up my feelings regarding our first New Year’s #BLOGFEST – We Call Your Name event. Then after the tweets died down and we were all descending from our Ancestors clouds, Bernita (still a NEW KID herself) of Voices Inside My Head nailed it, “BLOGFEST was epic!”.

It was indeed. I’ve never in all my years of researching genealogy, felt more connected to a body of work, than I do today. I never planned on it, have frequently complained about it, and sometimes get up the nerve to question the Ancestors why they have me doing it. But I know this work is Divine, and I’m so thankful to be a part of bringing not just my, but MANY Ancestors out of the dark. They are SHINING. BREATHING. REJOICING!

I’m hard on you NEW KIDS because I need you to embrace fully the responsibility that rests on your shoulders. And should the day come I take hiatus, I want you equipped with EVERYTHING you need to push your Ancestors, and our collective Community FORWARD.

NEW KIDS your work will bloom and spread. Many will follow your lead. If you call them, Ancestors and newly connected Cousins will come (in my best James Earl Jones, Field of Dreams voice). You’ve shifted the landscape and narrative of our genealogy research FOREVER.

I thank you

We Call Your Name

We Call Your Name

When I was a young girl living at home, sometimes, just before I dropped off to sleep, I would see the air of my room filled with Spirits. They didn’t say anything to me. They didn’t frighten me. They were just there, indistinct, swirling.

On Saturdays my mother would drive us over to my grandparent’s house on Detroit’s East Side. My mother and Aunt sat in the front. We four cousins squeezed into the back seat. In the winter it was dark. If I was lucky enough to get a window, I’d look into the lit windows of the houses we passed and wonder about the people and the stories they were living.

Each of our blogs is like those lighted windows. In them we tell our Ancestor’s stories, stories to be read by our families and by the rest of the community. Stories that are so much more varied and moving and true than any stereotyped version of our history could ever be.

Today, as we launch over 25 new African American Genealogy blogs during the AAGSAR Blogfest 2014, I can feel the Ancestor’s Spirits swirling around us as they see their stories being told, their pictures shared and their names being called.

To Our Ancestors,

… we stand before you now, your living legacy, the flesh and blood of our collective dreaming, and we realize with a knowing deeper than the flow of human blood in human veins that we are part of something better, truer, deeper.

We speak your names.
We speak your names.

                                    “We Speak Your Names” Pearl Cleage, pg. 15

River Rise: Our Ancestors Are Calling…

AncestorsOn many levels I’ve always had a close connection to India.Arie. Our Atlanta roots. Our Oshun nature. My love and respect for her family – Mother, Simpson and Big Bro J’on. Though I didn’t have opportunity to fulfill my promise, in 2009 I was offered a gift to design her brand, Soul Bird. And Lord, the music…

India’s music ALWAYS seems to flow in parallel with my life journey. I often find sanctuary in her melodies.

This morning I take refuge in River Rise from her Testimony: Vol 2, Love & Politics album. By far one of my favorite tracks, River Rise is a beautiful, sincere petition to the Ancestors for guidance. A call to return to all things familiar and soul-fortifying.

As we make final preparations for our first AAGSAR BLOGFEST2014 on Sunday, Jan 5th and set our feet for a New Year overflowing with Ancestor discoveries, this is my wish for myself and all those seeking to connect with their lost lineage.

Not to fly blind. Be my eyes. I surrender. Show me the way…

There was always a power I could feel
It was guidance to tell me the way to go
But nowadays I feel like I can’t hear that voice
I’ve been flying blind
I need You to come and be my eyes

River rise, carry me back home
I cannot remember the way
River rise, carry me back home
I […]

A Simple Promise to Sandra – Happy New Year!:)

I was in my car on February 15, 2013 when I learned via a Genea-Traveler email from Felicia of Echoes of My Nola Past, Sandra TALIAFERRO had passed. It took my breath away. San and I hadn’t spoken in a long time. Too long really. I didn’t even realize Sandra had been ill.

Though the heaviness of her passing followed me for days, I couldn’t help feeling San was finally free. I could see her interviewing the TALIAFERRO and MIDDLEBROOKS Ancestors she’d spent countless hours searching for. I could see her getting to know her daddy, John Lawrence TALIAFERRO and reuniting with her Mama, Lillian MIDDLEBROOKS who passed on September 27, 2009 — San’s birthday.

I could see her walking and exploring and if she felt like it — probably running!:)

Many don’t know Sandra spent almost 45 years in a wheelchair. In route to student orientation on her first day of college at Clark Atlanta University, Sandra and friends were in a terrible car accident that nearly took her life. In spite of her physical constraints, Sandra rose — in every possible way.

Sandra TALIAFERRO was as stubborn as a mule, but she was truly amazing too! I hope she knows that now. So in October when San came and sat on my shoulders to say something had to be done to prevent her research from being lost, I knew better than to ignore her!:)

The timing stunk! I’d just loss Mama 8/5 and started AAGSAR 8/15. Small gestures of attempting to pay for her I Never Knew My Father domain or rescue research […]

KWANZAA ~ Principle 5: NIA = Purpose

NIA (Purpose) Day 5 KwanzaaNIA (Purpose): To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

This year has been very special. I knew I’d lose Mom in 2013. Not even to have her on this planet, could I live with her suffering.

If I’m being honest, I had no idea how I would survive what came after losing her. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it.

But look at this, I survived. Somehow I landed in communities that understand community — both online (AAGSAR) and real world (Charlotte). I miss my Mama, but I smile and laugh with thoughts of her far more than I cry.

I reclaimed me this year. I’m working, dreaming and living boldly.  So busy today, meeting my Ancestor purpose preparing for AAGSAR’s Jan 5th BlogFest, I almost missed posting my Day 5 Kwanzaa Principle Nia!:)

Maybe that’s it. When you’re really focused on living your purpose, you’re too busy to spend time just talking about it?!

2014 the way is #FORWARD.



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KWANZAA ~ Principle 3: UJIMA = Collective Work & Responsibility

UJIMA (Collective Work & Responsibility) Day 3 KwanzaaUJIMA (Collective Work & Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and to solve them together.

I wish every person questioning my motives behind forming AAGSAR, could be instantaneously redirected to this post!:)

As a descendant of emancipated slaves, recorded as property not humans before 1865, I’ve had to accept the lack of historical documentation impacting my ability to trace my family lineage. As a technologist since 1999, I’ve been eyewitness to the evolution of The Great Digital Divide.

I was here in the Divide’s early stages, when connectivity and technical knowledge was a matter of socioeconomic status and geographical location. Translated — if you were poor, a minority and/or living in a rural area opportunities to own, learn and exploit the new gadgets were little to none. You were ignored and left standing on the sideline of the “technology revolution”.

I watched as technology evolved and expanded its reach, but our cultural mindset didn’t. In my IT world I manage the development of world-changing technology that rarely considers a person of color as its primary end-user.

Within my community, I’ve witnessed brown people VOLUNTARILY “opt-out” of the digital revolution. Often quickly dismissing the opportunities this medium affords; not acknowledging its ability to level the economic playing-field nor the reality this is THE rule-stick our brown […]

KWANZAA ~ Principle 1: UMOJA = Unity

UMOJA (Unity) Kwanzaa - Principle 1UMOJA (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

In so many ways, this has been the first year in a long time I’ve felt the embrace of true community and unity.

I NEVER expected this year and the creation of AAGSAR to be the vehicle of personal challenge, growth and learning for ME it’s proven to be.

Just when I thought I had no heart left to lend to family, genealogy or blogging, the Ancestors said otherwise. When faced with the decision of where to post Mom’s Obituary, she told me the ONLY place the announcement of her transition could live would be here, among those who’ve loved her most. It was my first post in 2 years! Mom’s way of keeping my heart open and mind busy.

Even from the other side,  Mom’s herself once again — protecting and supporting her baby girl!:)

AAGSAR was formed 10 days after Mom’s passing; an act made more from following the knowing nudge of my Ancestors, than a deliberate decision to add such a HUGE responsibility to my plate! Sounds naive I know, but I had no idea the amount of personal time, patience, tolerance and discipline creating AAGSAR would require of me.

Introducing a new research model to our existing research community has been VERY challenging, but it’s also been rejuvenating, inspiring, uplifting and purpose fortifying too!:)

I have […]

TECH TALK: Going Beyond The Shaky Leaf ~ Frustrated User’s Edition for Ancestry.com

Ancestry.comI’m not going to front, Ancestry.com has been very, very good to me!:)

I can still find online 13-year-old queries from my early days when in pursuit of all things WINGFIELD and CODY! Fast forward 14+ years, with an abundance of genealogy data acquired and a transformed family history to share, I frequently turn to Ancestry to support my work.

So yes, I’m an advocate for and long-time user of Ancestry’s genealogy tools.

I am hopeful my product knowledge combined with the fact I’ve launched online technology applications for as long as I’ve used Ancestry, gives credence to my ask that Ancestry’s Business Analysts, User Experience Leads, Information Architects and Application Developers consider updating the current Ancestry Leaf Hint functionality and user experience.

It’s time for a 1.2 or 2.0 enhancement of the Shaky Green Leaf experience offered to users presently. Why? Because though the core requirement (provide customers a user-friendly means of introducing “hints” to support family tree building) has been met, there are user experience considerations and a few business requirements to update and/or add.

Based on our understanding Shaky Green Leaf  functionality has been introduced and applied by Ancestry users, here’s my technical wish list of modifications:

User Experience & Functionality:

  • Coach Marks. To support an enhanced Shaky Green Leaf (SGL) experience, add concise, dynamic “coach marks” to guide […]