And It Began With A Simple Tweet. Final Thoughts on Kicking Up The Past

140 characters —  a tweet — ignited quite an exchange between myself and the champions of the new KickStarter initiative, Kicking Up The Past (KUTP) this week. If you’re reading this post though, that’s not news to you is it? So I’ll spare you the historical recap — there are 2 posts (KUTP Exchange I & Exchange II) that capture the dialogue vividly.

For the sake of argument and to add context to the thoughts that follow, I will share the culprit — my infamous tweet:

@KicknUp_thePast will subject of Slavery be explored via your #KICKSTARTER documentary? #genealogy

The FACTS. Has the exchange between KUTP and myself been uglier and more public than I’d hoped? YES. Do I hate white people OR their genealogy TV projects? NO and NO. Go shake my family tree — present and/or past. You’ll find the leaves quite colorful, diverse, loving and accepting. And being a historian who’s advocated for TV programming reflective of us (vested, die-hard genealogists and family researchers), I was stoked to learn of the Kicking Up The Past project and immediately began following their tweets!

Do I regret my public tweet (sent twice to KUTP) and/or posting the exchanges that followed to OGR. NO. Twitter is a real time, open social platform. That’s the beauty of it! If you’re talking to me (KUTP followed me too), then I have the right to talk back. If I don’t see information related to me in the conversation, […]

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UNCUT & UNEDITED: My Exchange with Kicking Up The Past

183 reads of Whiteout In Mainstream America: Slave Ancestored Genealogy ~ Our Truth in Black & White. 17 emails and 9 inbox messages via Facebook asking for updates and offering support.

After a lively exchange with Kicking Up The Past and AAGSARFacebook via Twitter this afternoon, that’s what I arrived home to this evening.

I have no elevator version of my exchange with Kicking Up the Past to share tonight. Not adding my spin to our back and forth, because it would be laced with my own sarcasm and irritation at this point.

Below are our previous exchanges — verbatim. Read them as you will. Interpret them as you like.

The only personal commentary I’ll add — asking a question is neither an act of aggression or anger. Speaking the simple truth is not hatred or hostility.

As long as there’s a disparity in how the Enslaved Africans narrative is shared, displayed and/or acknowledged — my voice will be heard. And if there’s a question to be asked — I have  NO ISSUE asking it.

Accept it.

I’ve been online as a genealogist for 14 years and an advocate for civil, social and human rights for almost 30 years. That’s not changing anytime soon.



10.8.13 — Luckie’s follow-up email after multiple queries & direct message via Twitter


I’m Luckie Daniels the African-American genealogist who inquired via Twitter (@AAGSARFacebook) if and/or how Kicking Up The Past planned to include the African-American slave experience in the upcoming documentary/KickStarter project.

I’m unsure why an email communication is […]

#4GERRIE’S WALK PAGE: Let’s END Alzheimer’s Disease!


GERALDINE BARWICK (July 6, 1941 to August 5, 2013) was so much more than the fragile shell left behind by Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our “Gerrie” was brilliant, fearless, funny, loyal and loving. She adored life, laughter, fine clothing and most of all – FAMILY!

Gerrie took her rest on August 5, 2013, four years to the day of her formal August 5, 2009 Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia diagnosis.

Though her family will FOREVER miss her presence, we Gerrie’s children, grandchildren, extended family and friends will honor her memory by continuing to support Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness and Prevention through ADVOCACY + ACTION!

Our prayer, our goal is to live to celebrate the END of ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE!

On Saturday, October 5th, beginning at 8:30AM, we’ll travel to Atlanta to walk #4GERRIE and join our cousins, Bell Family Memories in fighting back against the toll Alzheimer’s Disease has taken on our loved ones, Gerrie and Nate, and us as a family!

I have to believe that our newest Family arrival in Heaven, Geraldine is standing with Cousins Elbert and Nettie BENTON STRINGER, smiling and cheering us on!:)

My Mama NEVER gave-up on anything! We’re doing exactly what Gerrie would do –> STAND. FIGHT. NEVER QUIT!