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AAGSAR BLOG PRAISE: They Came From Virginia ~ Why I Blog: My Heart And Soul

In a few weeks AAGSAR will be 150+ genealogy bloggers strong and the landscape of online African American Genealogy will be forever changed. In truth, the change has already begun with the family narratives of 40 NEW + 20 EXISTING genealogists being shared with us daily! Following the transition of my Mom, their writing and fellowship have been a healing salve to my heart. I stay too busy to feel sorry for myself. The Ancestor Work we’re doing is vital. This is their season.

Going forward I’ll re-blog those special AAGSAR blog posts possessing something so authentically good, they MUST be shared and remembered. So I suspect you’ll be reading narratives from LOTS of new genealogists in the days ahead!:)

It’s my hope visitors will share the and support this new breed of Family Griots. There’s something special happening and I wouldn’t want you to miss a minute of it. ~ Luckie



Why I Blog: My Heart And Soul

Grandma Margaret and cousin Beaniee
Grandma […]

AAGSAR Official CHEAT SHEET: Surviving The Principal, TRIBE & 21st Century Slave Ancestry Research

Zora Neal Hurston ~ Many Rivers to Cross PBSAlright then! By way of Facebook prompt, word of mouth, referral and/or Ancestors, you’ve recently joined the African American Genealogy and Slave Ancestry Research Community on Facebook and I assume, have read Who In The Heck is AAGSAR & Why Don’t Y’all Like White People?! to learn more about the Ancestor-waters you’re about to leap into!

For you a Cheat Sheet of how to survive The Principal (that’s me!:), The TRIBE (our AAGSAR Community) and Slave Ancestry Research in the 21st Century (our work).

“Slave Ancestry Research is a process requiring a BOATLOAD of patience & CSI detective skills! Your ANCESTORS are worth it!” ~ @AAGSARFacebook Twitter

  • Come Prepared to Work. AAGSAR is a NO OBSERVERS forum. EVERYONE owns their work. There’s no MAGIC PILL for Slave Ancestry research. Thriving in our Community requires commitment to work and openness to technology.
  • Did You Say Technology? AAGSAR is a collaborative, TECHNOLOGY-centric, Community focused on 3 primary goals. If any of the 3 frighten you, your choices are — a.) run NOW or b.) face what frightens you! Learn. Grow. Reclaim your Ancestry! Make your choice and move forward:

“Luckie and all, I am overwhelmed with this page! It is […]

UNCUT & UNEDITED: 10/14 Kicking Up The Past. Speaks For Itself…

10.14.13 Kicking Up T Past response from K.J. Marks


Based on your consistent badging in the social media it appears to me that you are looking for attention to the point of extortion.

What exactly do you want from me? Your picture or profile featured on our site with a large look at me arrow? It fails me to understand how many answers you want to what was at its start was a faulty presumption of our guilt on your behalf.

How presumptuous of you to assume that everything that doesn’t explicitly say “oh and by the way this includes African American too” is excluding them? If it suits you to create an issue where there is NONE at all, you have accomplished your purpose.

In fact I take your public actions personally and consider them to be defamatory. The very implication that anything I or my partners would be associated with would be exclusionary, or bigoted. Sakes alive, I and several members of our team held fund-raisers at our house and campaigned as an active volunteers in 3 states for the Obama campaign, in both elections.

At this point I can only confront you for what you are, a social media bully. It is not fair what you are publishing without foundation about our project or its intent. I must ask you to stop the diatribe now and kindly focus on areas where there is real prejudice — there is none here I assure you you are barking up the wrong tree. I am prepared to call you out and expose you publicly for what your are if you continue this nonsense.

It is time for this […]


Catie WINGFIELD-DORSEYMystery of The Smyrna Church: Retracing Rev. DICKEY’S Historical Footprints

Challenge: Under what conditions was Catie given and/or sold to J.M. Dickey in 1859-60 & which CODY owner was involved in this transaction?
Ancestor(s): 4th Great Grandmother Catherine WINGFIELD DORSEY (b. abt 1850 – d. 1933)
Others: Slaveowners – Robert Donnelson CODY & Rev. James Madison DICKEY
Years: 1859-1865
Tribe(s): Georgia – Wilkes & Warren County
Summary: Mystery of The Smyrna Church: Retracing Rev. DICKEY’S Historical Footprints


  1. Did Minister Dickey purchase Catie or was she loaned by her CODY owner?
  2. Where did Catie go, once Reverend DICKEY left Wilkes in 1862 — still 3 years before Emancipation?
  3. Who Pastored Smyrna Church AFTER Rev. DICKEY? Could Catie have been given to another family in 1862/63?
  4. How did Minister DICKEY cross paths with Catie’s owner anyway? What was their connection?


Luckie Daniels – What Reference Materials Do I Need?

  • Estate Inventory for Robert Donelson CODY
  • Will of Robert D. CODY
  • Confirmation of HARDSHELL BAPTIST church attendance by Robert CODY
  • Insurance Policy if Catie was “loaned” to DICKEY
  • Smyrna Church Roster/Minutes
  • DICKEY bible […]